About the Mini Grants

This Mini Grant of up to 900 Euros aims at expanding cultural spaces in Lebanon, Tunisia and Jordan, by supporting artists, organizations and cultural actors create projects that contribute to social change and have an impact on their environment.

Projects Supported 2021


  1. Marhaba Artist: by Nayzak Project
  2. Underline by Art of Change 
  3. BeirootBodies by Bassam Abou Diab
  4. Free Music Education for All by Wajdi BouDiab


  1. Late night thoughts by Ahmad Shehadeh 
  2. Peace through Movement by Tales of Jordan 
  3. TheaDonce by Art Vision
  4. Send Me a Postcard by Sarah Nowar 


  1. I am an image, my body no longer belongs to me by Rochdi Belgasmi 
  2. Walls of Hope by Fanni Raghman Anni
  3. Small Screens by ATAC
  4. Barkoon by Elyes Fatnassi, Skaville
  5. Cinema in their Eyes by Cité'Ness

The Mini-Grant was opened on July 19th, 2021 for one month.

55 artists, collectives and organizations applied from Lebanon, Tunisia and Jordan, and 5 projects were selected from each country.
Three national selection committees were formed to evaluate the applications and select the winning projects.







Nadine Al Khalil

Nadin Al Khalil

Arts writer, editor and curator

Hicham Zeineddine

Hicham Zeineddine

Head of Visual Arts Doctorate Department at the Lebanese University

Rym Ben Mansour

Rym Ben Mansour

Cultural Project Manager, Director of ACTIF

Ahmed Guerfel

Ahmed Guerfel

Dancer - Cultural Manager- Human rights activist Founder of "DCS"

Samar Dudin

Samar Dudin

Artist - Regional Director and Head of Programs at Ruwwad Al Tanmeya

Shermine Sawalha

Shermine Sawalha

Artist - Curator - Producer - Founder of Malahi Entertainment.

Simone G. Di Stefano

Simone G. Di Stefano

Thematic Advisor- Peace, Governance and Equality FDFA at SDC

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Noor Obeid

Small Changes Project Manager


Application Process:

Applicants fill in an online application and attach all the requested folders and documents. In order to do so, the applicant creates a profile here. Applications can be filled in English, French or Arabic.

After the closing date, application screening and  national committees deliberation takes place. The evaluation of the applications is based on  a set of defined criteria.



Organizations, cooperatives, teams, collectives or individuals working in the cultural and artistic field.

Nationality: Lebanon, Jordan, and Tunisia. Applicants must be residing in these 3 countries

Age: 18+

The grant can be used for the execution of a full project or a part of a project.

The project can be a brand new project or a continuation of an already established one.

Type of artistic project is not limited, to mention but a few: Song, choreography, short film, venues, safe havens, collectives, art pieces, workshops, curriculum, performances, pop-ups, poetry, comics and so on. 

Disciplines: visual and performance arts, videos and films, music, dance, literature.

Timeline of the Grant: 6 months

Deliverables: 3 video logs, narrative report, budget breakdown, impact assessment and outputs relevant to the project