Throughout its operation, Freemuse has regularly monitored and reported on the intersections of shrinking civil society spaces and restrictions on freedom of artistic expression. While civil and political spaces are shrinking and independent media are bought by multinational corporate, it is critical that cultural spaces and creative expression is protected, defended, and expanded. Freemuse’s daily actions advocate against the shrinking space of civil society, supporting artists and organisations who have been essentially ‘locked out’, be it physically, financially, or socially. 


It is within this framework, that the Small changes project was initiated in Lebanon, Tunisia and Jordan. The project aims at creating and expanding cultural and artistic spaces by making available platforms, tools and resources for independent and creative minds to step forward and use culture and art to engage with what is going on in the world.      


In addition to create tangible spaces within civil society for artistic and cultural expression our project also aims at creating meaningful partnerships with local, grassroots organizations to enrich research and monitoring to further expose violations of artistic freedom, and engaging policymakers and decision-makers to create dialogues within civil society to gain further investment in the arts and culture sector.   



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