Who we are?

Freemuse (freemuse.org) is an independent international non-governmental organisation advocating for freedom of artistic expression and cultural diversity. Freemuse has United Nations Special Consultative Status to the Economic and Social Council (UN-ECOSOC) and Consultative Status with UNESCO.



How we work?

Freemuse operates within an international human rights and legal framework which upholds the principles of accountability, participation, equality, non-discrimination and cultural diversity. We document violations of artistic freedom and leverage evidence-based advocacy at international, regional and national levels for better protection of all people, including those at risk. We promote safe and enabling environments for artistic creativity and recognise the value that art and culture bring to society. Freemuse is known for its annual flagship report, The State of Artistic Freedom, widely referenced by governments, UN officials, academia and key actors in the fields of culture and art.  Working with artists, art and cultural organisations, activists and partners in the global south and north, we campaign for and support individual artists with a focus on artists targeted for their gender, race or sexual orientation. We initiate, grow and support locally owned networks of artists and cultural workers so their voices can be heard and their capacity to monitor and defend artistic freedom is strengthened.



Our Vision

The vision of Freemuse is a world in which everyone is able to express themselves, including as artists, and is able to freely create, perform, record, distribute, facilitate and enjoy art at all times without any impediments or fear of discrimination or persecution.


Our Mission

Freemuse aims to improve legal and policy framework and practices of artistic freedom and cultural expression of state and non-state actors, by engaging with artists, activists, and others in using human rights-based research, advocacy and campaign to influence key policy and decision-makers.


Our values  

Below, the core beliefs of Freemuse, that inspire and guide staff, executive committee and volunteers.

  • Respect: We treat each other with respect as a fundamental, foundational value.
  • Diversity: We value different backgrounds, views, opinions, identities, and experiences of each person and strive toward greater understanding between all people. By working with artists and important stakeholders around the globe, Freemuse respects and appreciates all forms of diversity.
  • Honesty and transparency: In working with our stakeholders, Freemuse commits to engaging in all communication and relationship in an open, honest, responsible, transparent, and intersectional manner.
  • Professionalism and integrity: In carrying out our work, we strive to deliver high-quality products based on facts, sound research and analysis in an accountable and non-partisan fashion.
  • Equality and understanding: In Freemuse, we are equal, no matter our age, gender, religion, role, or other identities – we treat each other with equal respect and understanding.
  • Knowledge is at the heart of what we do: our activities are objective, honest, and accountable, based on solid data.
  • Creativity and self-expression: Artistic expression is a means of conveying oneself to the world— sharing opinions, emotions, expressions of thought—and this is a vital and integral part of our humanity. We defend freedom of artistic expression because artistic expression is central to the human experience and a human right.
  • Courage: We are courageous in our mission to drive change to protect artists and artistry, even when this means opposing accepted political and social narratives and procedures.

Together we promote and preserve a work culture based on self-expression and creativity, solidarity, trust and empathy acknowledging and respecting diversity.




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Information For Media

For media inquiries please contact kaja.ciosek [at] freemuse.org


Freemuse is always looking for reliable, talented and established freelancers to help with its monitoring of artistic freedom news, including violations, latest news or developments in the sector.

For more information or to submit your CV, along with links to your published work in the field, please email us at jobs [at] freemuse.org

Only strong candidates will receive replies.