In cases which fall under this category, the artistic expressions tackling the issue of gender-discrimination have been targeted. Freemuse research shows that in many societies, artists - both women and men - are subject to varying consequences when advocating for women’s rights, gender equality, reproductive rights, as well as against domestic violence, sexual harassment and assault, or honour killings. These artists are equally under attack by state authorities, non-state actors and private individuals when they, either through artistic work or public appearances, raise women-related issues.


Women artists known to advocate against gender-based discrimination are often subject to threats and harassment online, including rape and death threats, while in the most extreme cases they fall victims of a femicide. In countries with restrictive policies on abortion, artists who address this problem through their artworks commonly face censorship. The most blatant cases of gender discrimination in cultural sphere are related to imposing restrictions to women’s access to cultural rights, depriving them from opportunity to perform publicly, particularly before gender-mixed audiences.