Freemuse and Nhimbe Trust have made a joint stakeholder submission to the Universal Periodic Review of Zimbabwe during the 40th session of the Working Group in January 2022.  


The submission evaluates the implementation of recommendations made in the second cycle UPR and assesses the Zimbabwean authorities’ compliance with international human rights obligations as well as constitutional guarantees with respect to fundamental freedoms and cultural rights, particularly concerning:   


  • Criminalising of artistic expression  
  • Censorship of artists and artworks in Zimbabwe   
  • Harassment and intimidation of cultural actors  

Between 2016 to 2021, Freemuse and Nhimbe Trust documented a clampdown on the right to freedom of artistic expression in Zimbabwe, where artists and cultural actors were subjected to systematic censorship, criminal prosecution as well as harassment and intimidation. Such violations of Zimbabwe’s obligations arise from the existence of legislative frameworks that are utilised to silence artistic voices and dissent. Despite constitutional guarantees to the right to freedom of artistic expression, the Government of Zimbabwe has not undertaken adequate measures to ensure the full realisation of the right.   


Read our recommendations and the full report here.