Freemuse research has demonstrated that rappers with dissenting or politically oppositional views, often expressed through their music, are disproportionately targeted. There is a growing trend of governments prosecuting and persecuting rap musicians across the world.

Freemuse is relaunching the “tRAPped” campaign to continue advocating for rappers that have been arbitrary detained, raise public awareness about the specific legislation targeting rap as a musical genre, as well as the systematic persecution that rappers face worldwide.


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To highlight violations of artistic freedom, to spotlight instances of suppression of artistic voices and to explore wider trends relating to cultural rights across the world. Campaigns inform our advocacy efforts to introduce changes to legal and policy frameworks.

Creative Ideas

Our campaigns are strengthened through our grassroots partnerships, cross-jurisdictional collaborations and artists’ networks, which help us build fruitful campaigns products to advocate for the effective realisation of artistic freedom.

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Freemuse campaigns are grounded on solid research and documentation, clean and precise content creation, effective communication to raise awareness and constructive advocacy with key stakeholders.