Somalia: 32 traditional dancers lashed in public

18 November 2008

  On 14 November 2008 an Islamist group arrested and whipped 25 women and seven men because they had been singing and dancing By Abdulkadir M. Wa’ays On Friday night 14 November 2008, militiamen from the Union of Islamic Courts raided a traditional folklore dancing event on the suburbs of …

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EU/USA: Pressure on Muslim women to stay out of music

18 August 2008

Within a growing scene for Islamic hip-hop in the United Kingdom, women rappers are facing a tough time. When a woman tries to break into the scene she is often intimidated, or even threatened, reported the New Statesman magazine. During 2007–2008, the Norwegian Muslim singer and human rights activist Deeyah …

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Afghanistan: Short video about music and ‘community censorship’

14 July 2008

In a short documentary video about music and ‘community censorship’ in Afghanistan, the 19-year-old Afghan singer Mariam says she gets verbal abuse all the time as well as stones thrown at her in the street. Even though Mariam is regularly insulted and attacked, and her family wants to stop her …

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Sudan: Censored singer tries to reform Janjaweed ‘hate singers’

24 June 2008

’While struggling with censorship in Khartoum, the Sudanese singer-songwriter Abazar Hamid hopes to bring peace to Sudan with his music. He travels to rural areas of the country where he tries to reform the traditional Arab ‘hate singers’ known as the Janjaweed women. Abazar Hamid told his story to Stephanie …

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North Korea: Three years in prison for simply singing a wrong song

9 June 2008

Because she had sung a South Korean folk song and taught it to four others in 1992, the North Korean singer Ji Hae Nam (Hae-Nam Ji) was imprisoned for three years, tortured and sexually abused. “Normally, concerts in North Korea are limited to performances of music that [the country’s leader] …

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Iran: Setar master openly critised ban on women vocalists

28 April 2008

Mohammad-Reza Lotfi – a highly recognised musician thoughout Iran as well as the rest of the world – said at a press conference that he wishes to eliminate Iran’s prohibition on solo vocal performances by women, reported the Tehran Times. “I don’t believe in the segregation of men and women …

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Tanzania – Zanzibar: ‘Give sex or be blacklisted’

24 April 2008

Why do we see and hear little of women musicians in Zanzibar? Read Lingson Adam’s report from an island where radio-DJs are known to have ‘blacklisted’ female musicians who refused them sexual favours, and where parents and husbands are reported to be at the core of strong ‘cultural censorship’ practices …

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Afghanistan: Restrictions on music discussed in parliament

2 April 2008

On 1 April 2008 a commission for cultural and religious affairs in Afghanistan’s lower house of parliament suggested to impose new restrictions on music and dance performance in Afghanistan. By Samay Hamed reporting for Freemuse from Kabul The main articles in the proposal from the commission for cultural and religious affairs …

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Afghanistan: Singer becomes symbol in the struggle for music freedom

13 March 2008

18-year-old Lima Sahar has placed herself in the middle of Afghanistan’s continous gender and music struggle. She could become the winner of the tv show ‘Afghan Star’ – the war-torn country’s answer to ‘American Idol’ which is drawing millions of viewers despite being condemned as ‘un-Islamic’ by Kabul’s Islamic council …

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Afghanistan: Ghazal Ahmadi

25 February 2008

  Ghazal Ahmadi is a film actress in Afghanistan, and is also known for performing in music videos. Click on the photo two times to start the video.   In this interview Ghazal Ahmadi speaks about her experience as a music student who stopped learning how to play the guitar …

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