Colombia: Bellavista Social Club

20 October 2008

Bellavista Social Club es un grupo de rap quienes a través de sus canciones denuncian la situación en la que se encuentran los barrios mas desfavorecidos de la ciudad de Medellín y Colombia.   En este video Don Vito y Medina narran como días después del encarcelamiento del grupo Pasajeros …

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Colombia: Pasajeros

8 October 2008

  Colombian rappers and protest musicians Don Vito and Medina speak about their personal experiences of music censorship in Cobacabana. In this interview they focus on what happened to their colleagues in the band Pasajeros. The interviews were recorded in May 2007.   The band Pasajeros was formed in 1991 …

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Aziza Brahim

19 September 2008

(Western Sahara)   Aziza Brahim is a Sahrawi singer who was born in a refugee camp in Algeria. In this interview she speaks about how and why her music is banned in Western Sahara. Aziza Brahim refers to the Western Sahara territory as ‘the occupied zone’, and in this video …

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USA: Video interview with Kris Kristofferson

31 March 2008

Singer and songwriter Kris Kristofferson speaks about his personal experiences of music censorship. “Kris Kristofferson is not only one of America’s most celebrated and finest singer-songwriters. He is also among the most controversial. He keeps provoking and challenging the political establishment, and he has experienced both media and market censorship, …

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Zimbabwe: Chiwoniso Maraire

18 March 2008

    Songwriter Chiwoniso Maraire speaks about her personal experiences of music censorship in Zimbabwe. She was interviewed together with poet Chirikure Chirikure, and Book Café’s creative director Paul Brickhill. They explain how music communicates hidden messages and why music is an ‘unstoppable force’ in Zimbabwe. Chiwoniso Maraire, Chirikure Chirikure …

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Afghanistan: Nairez

25 February 2008

  Fazl-u-Rahman Nairez is a famous singer in Afghanistan, mostly known from national tv performances. Nairez was one of the singers who were forced to sing praisal songs for the Taliban regime in 1996-2001. Click on the photo two times to start the video.     Wimpy Wasp Player   …

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