Australia: Arts minister violates the right to freedom of expression

8 April 2014

The Australian arts minister George Brandis has threatened the withdrawal of commonwealth funding for the Sydney Biennale festival for “blackballing” Transfield Holdings after it severed ties with the company because of an artist protest over its contract work on an offshore detention centre, reported The Guardian. The arts minister wrote …

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India: Film on assassination of former Prime Minister banned

13 March 2014

The Punjabi film “Kaum De Heere”, based on events related to assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi has been banned in India, but it shall be released in Australia on 14 March 2014. India’s Central Board of Film Certification had declined to grant requisite certificate to the movie …

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Iran: Censorship and controversy mar Fajr Film Festival

17 February 2014

The 32nd Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran has been riddled with controversy, including numerous incidences of censorship during the live broadcasts and backlash against two films dealing with the sensitive topics of Ashura and the 2009 elections. The live broadcast of the closing ceremony of the film festival was …

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Iran: Actor denied work over resemblance to Ahmadinejad

30 January 2014

Iranian actor Mahmoud Basiri, who resembles former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, says that he was banned from acting during the former president’s two terms in office. Basiri said that he had signed contracts to play parts in television shows and had even recorded numerous scenes. But when the television shows aired, …

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India: Rap song about corruption asked to be removed from film

2 December 2013

‘Eggjactly’, a rap song about corruption composed, written and sung by Jaaved Jaaferi, is banned form televison by the censor board – and might also be banned altogether from the film ‘Jackpot’. See on You can listen to the song on Jaaved Jaaferi gives an introduction on live tv …

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United Kingdom: Gallery in censorship row over Egyptian posters | Index

4 November 2013

The London gallery P21 has been accused of censorship following the decision not to exhibit 12 poster prints satirising Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and jailed former president Mohamed Morsi. Twelve posters by Egyptian artist and graphic designer Ghada Wali, making up the piece ‘Film Ikhwany’, were supposed to be part of …

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Tanzania: Musician receives death threats for political song

29 October 2013

Tanzanian hip-hop artist Nay wa Mitego has been receiving death threats following the release of his new song ‘Salaam Zao’ (‘Greetings’) in August 2013. The rap song’s lyrics are said to have been detested by a powerful section of the population. “They are sending text messages to try silence me. …

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United Kingdom: Corporate censorship in public space

22 October 2013

Artists Peter Kennard’s and Cat Phillips’ photomontage ‘Photo Op’ which depicts Tony Blair taking a selfportrait with his mobile phone was ‘banned’ from public display after the companies who own the advertising space, CBS Outdoor and JCDecaux, refused to allow the use the of the artwork in the advertising on …

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Cuba: Pianist banned and forced to cancel shows

18 September 2013

The 41-year-old Cuban pianist and bandleader Robertico Carcassés has been suspended “indefinitely” from performing in Cuba after he improvised lyrics calling for direct presidential elections, freedom of information and the end of the embargo during a televised concert on 12 September in the Cuban capital, Havana. Many of Cuba’s most popular …

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Russia: Satirical paintings of Russian leaders seized

31 August 2013

On 26 August 2013 in the evening, police seized four satirical paintings from a St. Petersburg gallery, saying the display had broken the law. The artist, Konstantin Altunin, left the country the next day to seek asylum in France. A painting entitled ‘Travesty’ by Konstantin Altunin showed the Russian president …

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