Ismail Turut facing trail

22 February 2001

Ismail Türüt facing trial Ismail Türüt, Turkish folk singer, is accused of “praising an act which is considered a crime” in a song that he had prepared for performance during the election campaign of Sevki Yilmaz, an MP linked to the now banned Welfare Party. The offending phrase is “Hodja …

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Appeal from Intl. PEN: Kurdish performers banned

1 February 2001

Kurdish performers banned Appeal from International PEN The international arts community is concerned by a disturbing number of cases involving the banning of songs and plays performed in the Kurdish language in Turkey. Despite various declarations of human rights and international legal protections, which recognise the centrality of language in …

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Kurdish songs banned

10 January 2001

Kurdish songs banned Koma Gula Xerzan music group’s series of songs in Kurdish: In mid-December 2000 police raided an event organised by the Malatya Youth Branch of the People’s Democracy Party (HADEP), pulling plugs out of microphones. When attendees protested, the Malatya Security Director entered the hall and informed them …

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Turkey: Ferhat Tunc

2 June 2000

The Kurdish-Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç was born in 1964 in Turkey’s most eastern region, Dersim. His songs in Kurdish language have been censored in Turkey, and he has been taken to court numerous times, which is documented in the more than 65 news stories and interviews listed below:   Turkey: …

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