Pride and prejudice: ‘anti-gay’ stars refuse to apologise

10 December 2004

Their gigs have been cancelled all over the world and their names withdrawn from awards. But Jamaica’s dancehall stars refuse to apologise for – or even stop singing – songs that encourage the murder of gay people. The Guardian’s Alexis Petridis travels to the Caribbean and discovers a culture that …

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City demands ‘anti-gay’ music ban

27 November 2004

Brighton will be the first UK city to demand that music retailers ban reggae and rap albums with “anti-gay” lyrics. Brighton and Hove City Council voted unanimously on Thursday to write to the managing directors of its three largest stores condemning the music. It urged them not to stock artists …

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No apology from ‘anti-gay’ singer

25 November 2004

Reggae star Sizzla has refused to apologise for his lyrics advocating violence against gay men, despite his UK tour being cancelled after protests. “They can’t ask me to apologise,” he told BBC radio station 1Xtra. “They’ve got to apologise to God because they break God’s law.” Sizzla is not allowed …

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City seeks ‘anti-gay’ album ban

23 November 2004

The first city-wide boycott of reggae and rap albums with “anti-gay” lyrics is being considered in Brighton. Councillors want music retailers HMV, Virgin Megastore and MVC to stop selling albums with homophobic lyrics in its Brighton and Hove branches. While the council does not have the power to ban their …

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‘Anti-gay’ lyrics inquiry starts

3 November 2004

UK detectives are investigating claims that lyrics penned by eight leading reggae artists incite violence against homosexuals and are therefore illegal. Lyrics by Beenie Man, Elephant Man and Bounty Killer are among those being scrutinised by Scotland Yard. Meanwhile the government is considering banning reggae star Sizzla from the UK …

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