Muzzled in Zimbabwe: One artist’s struggle to exhibit

18 January 2016

Zimbabwean artist Owen Maseko first hit the headlines in March 2010 when he was arrested for exhibiting paintings and installations that depicted an episode of the country’s history that the government would rather not discuss. From 1983 to 1987 the army unleashed an orgy of violence on the people of …

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Venezuela: When censorship is social

15 January 2016

Interview with the Venezuelan artist Daniel Arzola about the oppressiveness of social norms. By Laura Vidal   Gender fluidity, the oppressiveness of social norms, and the dignity of the LGBT community are at the centre of Daniel Arzola’s art and visual campaigns, most notably the project ‘No soy tu chiste’ …

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Egypt: Union president suspends six singers from performing

14 January 2016

Hani Shaker, controversial president of the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, issued a decision to suspend six singers from being able to work as artists based on their behaviours during performances, reported Al Arabya News. Shaker stated that their behaviour was not in line with public morals as they wore “body revealing …

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USA: News outlets censor Modigliani nude

11 January 2016

The $170.4 million sale of Modigliani’s ‘Reclining Nude’ made news in November 2015 not only for its price tag at auction, but also because some outlets in the USA chose to blur out or cover up parts of the naked female body depicted in the painting. Bloomberg news and CNBC, …

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France: Court rules Palme d’Or winner too offensive

6 January 2016

Abdellatif Kechiche’s Palme d’Or winner at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, ‘La Vie d’Adèle’ (‘Blue is the Warmest Color’), lost its French operating permission on 9 December 2015 when a Paris court ruled that the film contains “realistic sex scenes likely to offend the sensibilities of a young audience.” The …

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Egypt: Novelist acquitted

6 January 2016

The Egyptian novelist Ahmed Nagy was acquitted by the Cairo Bulaq Criminal Court of charges of publishing and writing an article with “obscene sexual content” on 2 January 2016. The novelist was referred to court in November 2015 after publishing a chapter of his novel ‘The Use of Life’ in Akhbar …

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Poland: Culture minister wants to ban Nobel winner’s play

1 December 2015

Poland’s new culture minister, Piotr Gliński, wants to ban a production by one of the country’s leading theatre companies of a play by the Nobel prize-winning author Elfriede Jelinek, claiming public money must not be used to subsidise “pornography”. The move by Gliński, who is also deputy prime minister in …

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India: Board censors James Bond kissing scenes

25 November 2015

The Indian Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has ordered that all kissing scenes in the new James Bond film, ‘Spectre,’ need to be shortened by 50 per cent for its national screenings. Censors have ordered cuts to four kissing scenes between Daniel Craig and the two female leads, Léa …

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South Korea: TV bans sexy music video

13 November 2015

Korean television has banned K-pop star Jay Park’s latest music video due to its sexual imagery, The Korea Times reported. The video for Park’s lead single, ‘You Know,’ from his new album features Park dancing with fellow K-pop star HyunA. South Korean monitors gave the video a 19+ parental advisory …

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