Musicians hit by the “9/11-effect”

11 September 2006

Anti-terror security causes problems for touring musicians Renewed fear of terror in the wake of Britain’s foiled terrorist plot to blow up airplanes led to tighter restrictions on air travel in August 2006. Expensive musical instruments are no longer allowed on the plane as carry-on baggage from London, and this …

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Bob Titley: Artists afraid to speak out

2 March 2006

US Music executive: Artists afraid to speak out Launching the new Freemuse report in Nashville, Freemuse founding member, Ole Reitov, met with one of Nashville’s leading music executives, Bob Titley, to discuss corporate censorship and self censorship in the US Bob Titley is one of the founding members of Music …

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Freemuse report on censorship in post 9/11 USA

13 February 2006

Eric Nuzum ’Singing in the Echo Chamber’ Music censorship in the U.S. after September 11 Freemuse, Copenhagen, 2005 ISSN 1601-2127     Soon after the 9/11 attacks, the discussion concerning the long-term impact on free expression and personal privacy became heated and intense. Musicians have participated (directly and indirectly) in …

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USA: Anti-Iraq war rock song claimed blacklisted by US government

25 October 2005

Rock musician Mick Star claims that his anti-Iraq war song “Jets” is not getting air time due to pressure on radio stations from the White House. Press Release Newswire writes: “The American music community has turned a deaf ear to the most dramatic anti-Bush pop/rock song ever written and produced …

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Musical responses to 9/11: From Conservative patriotism to radicalism

9 December 2004

Musical responses to September 11th: From conservative patriotism to radicalism by Martin Cloonan       Read about 9/11 and music censorship in “Musical responses to September 11th: From conservative patriotism to radicalism” – a chapter by Freemuse chairperson Martin Cloonan, from the book “9/11 – The world’s all out …

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Musical responses to 9/11: List of allegedly ‘banned’ songs

9 December 2004

In the wake of the World Trade Center attacks in 2001, a list of 160 “lyrically inappropriate” songs was said to have been distributed to 1,200 radio stations in the US, and consequently bands such as Rage Against The Machine were allegedly banned from a large number of American radio stations. In …

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US school talent show draws Secret Service

12 November 2004

U.S. school talent show draws Secret Service – Parents and students say they are outraged and offended by a proposed band name and song scheduled for a high school talent show in Boulder this evening, but members of the band, named Coalition of the Willing, said the whole thing is …

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‘Kill Bush’ rappers rapped by US

4 November 2004

Gatans Parlament – a Norwegian rap group that criticised US President George W Bush by setting up a website whose name means “Kill him now” is in trouble with US authorities. Washington’s embassy in Oslo has reported hip-hop artists Gatans Parlament to the police, accusing them of threatening the president. …

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9/11: Freemuse conference abstract (WOMEX 2004)

19 October 2004

9/11 – The world’s all out of tune Freemuse conference session at WOMEX 2004: Presentation of new book on popular music after 9/11 Conference session abstract The scheduled Freemuse report on the 9/11 terror attacks and their effects on freedom of musical expression has been postponed. This conference session will …

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