Violations of musical freedom of expression in 2013

Freemuse Annual Statistics

Freemuse monitored and documented violations of freedom of expression for musicians on in 2013. The documentation found the basis for a statistical compilation presenting a glimpse of the situation for musicians worldwide in 2013 and includes cases from 33 countries.

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The geographical presentation presents an overview of the situation for musicians worldwide who were
–       Killed
–       Imprisoned
–       Detained
–       Prosecuted
–       Abducted
–       Threatened/persecuted
–       Attacked
–       Censored

A total number of 109 cases of attacks on musicians and violations of their rights have been registered. The cases include 19 musicians being killed, 18 newly imprisoned, 4 imprisoned in previous years but still serving time, 7 abducted, 1 attacked, 7 threatened or persecuted, 4 prosecuted, 16 detained, as well as 33 cases of censorship.

The statistics are based on reports published on in 2013 and includes incidents taking place during 2013.

They are not a complete survey and do not give full picture of the situation globally; they only represent the tip of the iceberg.

Many violations are never made publicly known – whether they include musicians who experience daily threats from fundamentalists in Northern Mali, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan or are victimized by the internal conflicts of Syria or Sudan.

The following principles of statistical registration have been used:

If a musician is threatened and attacked while abducted the case is only listed as “abducted” in the statistics. If a musician is detained, prosecuted and then consequently imprisoned for the same incident the violation is only listed as “imprisoned”.

Imprisoned music creators are divided in two categories. Musicians who were sent to prison in 2013 are listed in the category “newly imprisoned”. Musicians who were imprisoned before 2013, but remained in prison during 2013 are registered in the category “still imprisoned“.

“Attacked” refers to an artist being physically attacked.

The “censored” category contains various kinds of incidents such as concerts being stopped and fans being arrested, music and music videos being censored and banned
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