United Kingdom / Finland: Jason Carter

Jason Carter performs mainly as a solo guitarist, and has toured the world extensively for British Council. He has strong artistic links with the Middle East and was the co-founder of the ‘Bahrain International Guitar Festival’.

In this interview he speaks about his personal experiences of music censorship in the Middle East.


Jason Carter took part in the session ‘All that is banned is desired’ at the 3rd Freemuse World Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, in November 2006.

Guitarist, producer and composer Jason Carter was born in UK in 1969 and currently resides in Finland. His style is a mix of Flamenco, Jazz and Classical, demonstrated through the wide range of CDs that he has produced for Sony, EMI, ASV and ARC Music. He is writing a book about how music can be a ‘bridge-builder’ between worlds and cultures.

Jason Carter’s official web site:

The video interview as well as the recording of Jason Carter’s performance together with Marjan Vahdat was recorded by Mik Aidt assisted by Gaëlle Gauthier-Brown. The interview in the bazaar in Istanbul on 24 November 2006, the concert on Babylon on 27 November 2006.

Click to hear the songTogether with Marjan Vahdat, Jason Carter produced the signature song for the Music Freedom Day.

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Report on freedom of musical expression in the Middle East


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