The Netherlands: Jeroen de Kloet


Jeroen de Kloet has done extensive field research in Beijing about its local music cultures. He teaches at the department of Media Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

In this interview he speaks about the present situation concerning music censorship in China – as it appeared by the end of 2006.

Jeroen de Kloet presented the session ‘Singing under the Red Flag’ at the 3rd Freemuse World Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, in November 2006.

The research of Jeroen de Kloet focuses on the globalisation of popular culture, in particular music, with a specific interest in China. His current research also includes other genres such as film and art, as well as a comparative project on computer hackers in Shanghai and New York.

The video clip also contains short music clips with the Chinese artists Funky Disco, Back Dormitory Boys and a live recording of Li Yuchun which have been downloaded from

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The video clip with Stephan Smith-Said contains statements by Kaiser Abdurusul, a PhD student from East Turkistan / Xinjiang in China about the life and death of the Chinese musician Kurash Sultan:
Stephan Smith-Said video interview

The video interview was recorded by Mik Aidt assisted by Gaëlle Gauthier-Brown on 24 November 2006.  Signature music: Jason Carter recorded live at the conference.

  Listen to audio track in mp3 format

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