Sudan: Abazar Hamid


Musician Abazar Hamid comments on his situation in exile in Cairo, Egypt, and what it has meant for him to receive assistance from Freemuse.

This interview with the exiled Sudanese musician Abazar Hamid was recorded by Freemuse Officer Martin Buch Larsen in Cairo, Egypt, in June 2011.

Everything is affected by censorship in Sudan, says exiled musician Abazar Hamid, who now lives in Cairo. Abazar’s brave attempt to bring peace to Sudan with his music eventually forced him to flee his country. He arrived in Cairo with limited opportunites and and no network, but through the Freemuse network he was introduced to the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, which helped him establish new contacts in Egypt.

More about about Abazar’s music and about his activities in Sudan before he had to flee his country:

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Listen to some of his banned music:

See him perform at Rawabit, Townhouse, in Cairo, Egypt, on Music Freedom Day in 2010:



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