Tanzania: Nakaaya Sumari

12 August 2009

  In this interview the Tanzanian singer Nakaaya Sumari explains why she sings about corruption, inefficiency and discrimination in her hit song ‘Mr Politician’. She talks about ‘the inconvenience of truth’, and also about musicians’ self-censorship, and the strong role which music plays as a tool for communication in East …

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Iran: Film about music censorship shown on Cannes Film Festival

15 May 2009

A new feature film about music censorship in Iran features the underground rock band Mirza, the rapper Hichkas, as well as other musicians of varying styles from Persian pop and folk to heavy metal, and women who are banned in Iran from public solo singing. ‘Nobody Knows About the Persian …

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USA: Tao Rodriquez-Seeger

7 March 2009

Singer and musician Tao Rodríguez-Seeger from USA speaks about his personal experiences with and opinion about music censorship Tao Rodríguez-Seeger was born in New York, USA, in 1972. He is a contemporary folk musician who plays banjo, guitar, harmonica, and sings in Spanish and in English. When he was 16 years old, in …

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Human Rights for Musicians

30 January 2009

TEN YEARS WITH FREEMUSE   INTRODUCTION Human rights for musicians — The Freemuse story Ten years of Freemuse – A view from the chair PART I IMPRESSIONS & DESCRIPTIONS Deeyah  — Norway / Pakistan Marcel Khalife  — Lebanon Roger Lucey  — South Africa Ferhat Tun     PART II INTERACTIONS & REACTIONS Introducing …

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This Record Is Not To Be Broadcast

20 December 2008

This Record Is Not To Be Broadcast – 75 Records Banned By The BBC Compiled by Spencer Leigh. This collection brings together 75 recordings which fell foul of the BBC’s red pencil up to the year 1957. Writer Spencer Leigh has spent a considerable amount of time at the BBC’s …

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Pakistan / Denmark: Pervaiz Akhtar

29 October 2008

Pakistani musician Pervaiz Akhtar, today based in Denmark, explains (in Danish language) about his personal experiences with music censorship in Pakistan.   The interview was held in connection with a ‘Concert against music censorship’ which was organised by the Danish Refugee Council in Copenhagen on 24 October 2008. After the …

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Pakistan: ‘The Miscreants’ – The popular culture of war in Pakistan

20 October 2008

The Australian documentary film director George Gittoes gets up close to the clash of fundamentalism and entertainment, virtual and real, in this off beat doc-drama mix, in which he enters the no-go zone of the Taliban controlled Tribal Belt in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province.   Included in the Taliban’s list …

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Colombia: Bellavista Social Club

20 October 2008

Bellavista Social Club es un grupo de rap quienes a través de sus canciones denuncian la situación en la que se encuentran los barrios mas desfavorecidos de la ciudad de Medellín y Colombia.   En este video Don Vito y Medina narran como días después del encarcelamiento del grupo Pasajeros …

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Colombia: Pasajeros

8 October 2008

  Colombian rappers and protest musicians Don Vito and Medina speak about their personal experiences of music censorship in Cobacabana. In this interview they focus on what happened to their colleagues in the band Pasajeros. The interviews were recorded in May 2007.   The band Pasajeros was formed in 1991 …

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China/Cote d’Ivoire/Myanmar/Burma: ‘An Independent Mind’

22 September 2008

Film with Freemuse Award winner Tiken Jah Fakoly, who received the Freemuse Award 2008, is one of the main characters in a new documentary film, ‘An Independent Mind’ — about freedom of speech and how far individuals in different countries will go in order to preserve it. The 90-minutes film …

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