Lebanon/France: Clotaire K

Clotaire K was born in France by a Lebanese mother and an Egyptian father. He writes, arranges and records music, and in this interview, recorded while he visited Denmark to perform during the Images of the Middle East festival in 2006, he speaks about how he perceives music as a “media” of its own. It enables individual musicians to distribute alternative messages.

In 1996, Clotaire K initiated the style of mixing hip hop beats with oriental traditional music. He was one of the first to take up this style of music. He has been touring France, the Middle East and other countries all around the world. He won the BBC World Music Award 2005. He is based in France, and regularly travels to Lebanon.    
The video interview and concert was recorded by Mik Aidt and Abdel Salam Akkad on 30 August 2006.    


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