INSIGHT publication: Targeting the Arts 2015

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Targeting the Arts

Documenting incidents of censorship has never been enough. From the very beginning Freemuse has attempted to put censorship of music and arts into a larger context.

In 2015 we introduced INSIGHT – a series of articles providing readers with analytical stories on censorship of the arts and in-depth interviews with censored artists or/and cultural producers.

The 2015 compilation covers 11 countries and topics as diverse as Syrian art in the diaspora, Punk music and Shari’a, art under threat in Sweden and Russia, the challenges of promoting co-existence through art in Paris and the use of the N-word in arts.

Freemuse annual statistics on violations of artistic freedom of expression for 2015 provides complimentary and detailed information on killings, threats, imprisonments and attacks.

Marie Korpe
Editor and member of Freemuse Advisory Board


‘Targeting the Arts’ is compiled and edited by Marie Korpe
Freemuse Report no. 12/2016. ISBN 978-87-998868-0-7.  INSIGHT 

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