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Are you planning activities in 2015?

During eight years of existence more than 100 partners and collaborators in 36 countries have joined the annual event Music Freedom Day, held on 3rd of March. A new publication ‘Music Freedom Day 2007–2014’ celebrates and gives examples of the powerful, united manifestation around the world.

“Over the years Freemuse has received wonderful posters and photos from many of the events. We hope this publication will inspire organisers and partners for Music Freedom Day 2015,” said Ole Reitov, Freemuse Executive Director.

Music Freedom Day activities in 2015 are already being planned in Pakistan, Egypt, Norway, Zimbabwe and Italy.

Advocacy and defence for musicians’ rights
Launched in 2007, Music Freedom Day is a manifestation to support persecuted, prosecuted and imprisoned musicians, many of whose only crime has been that they have spoken up against authorities and insisted on the right to express themselves through their music. It’s further a day to highlight the role and impact of music in our societies.

Worldwide, musicians and composers rights to freedom of expression are violated, but the strong support for Music Freedom Day every year demonstrates the will to continue the advocacy and defence for the universal rights to compose, perform and participate in musical activities.

“Freemuse invites old and new collaborators to celebrate Music Freedom Day on 3 March 2015.”
Ole Reitov, Freemuse Executive Director

Start planning now
Musicians, music promoters as well as musicians’ unions, media and freedom of expression organisations and activists are all invited to participate in this global advocacy event.

“Please inform us about planned activities and do no hesitate to consult us for ideas and inputs. Freemuse hopes we have identified all partners organising events during these past eight years,” said Ole Reitov.

“We wish to thank everyone – not least the artists – who have contributed to this annual event, and we apologise if we have missed any event or organiser. Please inform us about activities not mentioned so that we can make corrections in the second edition.”

The new publication was compiled and edited pro bono by Sunna Reitov Korpe.

cover_200px-w-shadow» Right-click and use drop-down menu to download the book (PDF, 49 pages in A4, 7.7MB)

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