Zimbabwe: Comrade Fatso

Musician Comrade Fatso comments on music censorship in Zimbabwe.

This interview with Comrade Fatso was recorded by Freemuse Web Editor Mik Aidt in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 27 October 2011.

Comrade Fatso is one of the most explosive and controversial acts in Southern Africa today. His band is called Chabvondoka, and their music is called Toyi Toyi, radical street poetry that mixes Shona with English and electrifying guitars with mbira and pulsating hip-hop.

In the video clip above he speaks of the Zimbabwean music scene and censorship. In the video clip below, he speaks about how he experiences that cultural activism, such as performing music and organising concerts, can create social change in the society as well as at an individual level.

Interview Part II:
About the power of cultural activism

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