Cuba/USA: Music Freedom Day sparks emotional debates on Cuban blogs

6 March 2008

Music Freedom Day, 3 March 2008, fuelled interesting and revealing debates on past and present accounts of censorship in Cuba. The increasingly popular ‘blogger-universe’ hosts the emotional and political exchange of opinions on the history of music censorship on the Caribbean island.By Martin Buch Larsen, Freemuse Within a few hours, …

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Cuba: Imprisonment made Gorki stronger

23 April 2007

Gorki Águila is back full force. The Cuban music rebel was praised for his courage in a report on the American news network CNN on 23 April 2007 where his new music got world-wide exposure “I’ve lost my fear I’ve already been a prisoner I’ve only got a few bones …

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Mario Masvidal: Music censorship in Cuba

9 January 2007

Dr. Mario Masvidal has hosted a weekly radio show for 12 years, and published various articles and essays on Cuban media and music during the last seven years. In this interview he speaks about the present situation concerning music censorship in Cuba – as it appeared by the end of …

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Puerto Rico: Censorship on reggaeton genre

19 January 2006

The Dominican Republic contemplates to place a nation-wide ban on reggaeton, reports in January 2006. Because of controversial lyrics the genre has been banned on radio, and albums were boycotted, in Cuba as well as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic You don’t know what ‘reggaeton’ is? No need …

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The case of Gorki Luis Carrasco

17 March 2005

After almost two years in prison, Cuban rock rebel Gorki Luis Águila Carrasco was released on 16 March 2005. Gorki Luis Águila Carrasco is a popular musician in Cuba. In 2003, he had just produced an award-winning video, and a radio station in Havana announced that Gorki was the third most …

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Cuban musicians criticize new U.S. travel rules

2 July 2004

A group of musicians has criticized new U.S. regulations that will further limit travel to Cuba, urging the United States to build bridges to the island instead of tearing them down. The musicians, who produce jazz, Afro-Cuban music and a ballad style known as Cuban trova, tied their comments to …

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Songs of Cuba, silenced in America

22 March 2004

” We may think we are isolating Cuba with our embargo and our travel restrictions, but it is we Americans who are becoming isolated.” US singer-songwriter Jackson Browne on the US – Cuba visa conflict. From New York Times;  

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Cuba – US row over Grammy visas

9 September 2003

The Cuban government has accused the United States of deliberately delaying visas to stop Cuban nominees attending the Latin Grammy Awards in Miami. Story from BBC See also “The Impact of Visa Crackdowns on World Music in the US”  

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Ry Cooder fears Cuban ban

19 March 2003

After the US Government banned Ry Cooder from working with musicians from Cuba, Cooder says his latest collaboration with Cuban musicians could be his last Story from BBC  

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Cuba: Rap and censorship

3 January 2003

The following articles originates from the Florida-based organization CubaNet; Program director fired over banned music (November 2002) Censorship against young poets and rap artists (December 2002)      

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