Syria: Ibrahim Kashoush – Silencing the singer

21 September 2011

An article by the editor of the Los Angeles-based Al Jadid magazine, Elie Chalala, who has compiled exerpts of Arab writers revealing aspects of the late singer Ibrahim Kashoush’s life. “A day after he had sang in protest in the square of his hometown, Ibrahim Kashoush was found dead, floating …

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Syria: Parents beaten because of their son’s music

3 August 2011

Malek Jandali, a pianist who performed at a rally in Washington in support of the Syrian opposition, blamed his work for what he said was an attack by Syrian government security forces on his parents on 28 July 2011.       Malek Jandali, who is a US citizen, told …

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Syria: Protest singer Ibrahim Kashoush had his throat cut

6 July 2011

      “One of many grim videos to emerge from the Syrian city of Hama purported to show the body of protester Ibrahim Kashoush after his throat had been cut by the security forces,” reported the British newspaper The Guardian on 5 July 2011 at 4:41 PM. The slogans …

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Syria: 29-year-old musician arrested

18 May 2011

  Musician and composer Wael Adham Alkak, 29, is reported to have been arrested by Syrian authorities on 10 May 2011 at 9 PM at the Syrian-Lebanese border. He has since then been held incommunicado at an unknown location. According to Freemuse’s source, Wael Adham Alkak was arrested by the Syrian Secret …

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Syria: Danish pop singer interrogated by secret service

3 May 2011

Mazen Ismail, a 25-year-old Danish pop singer and a student at the University of Damascus studying Arabic as an exchange student in Syria, was picked up by armed guard and interrogated by the Syrian secret service, reported the Danish newspaper BT During a three-hour interrogation, located on a small chair …

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Syria: Musicians call for outright revolution

6 April 2011

  The lyrics to the latest underground anthem of the Syrian uprising are bold and could galvanize a movement that has spread in fits, wrote Los Angeles Times on 5 April 2011 “Statement number one / the Syrian people are revolting…” The song ‘Biyan raqam wahid’ (‘Communique No 1’ or …

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Syria: Kurdish singer Bave Selah released

8 March 2011

Bavê Selah was released on 5 March 2011, according to ‘Abd al-Rahman Mohammed ‘Omar, also spelled Abdulrahman Omer, and known by his artist name Bavê Selah, has received phone calls from many friends asking how he is. According to he is fine, and he thanks everyone for their …

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Syria: Campaign for singer who has been arrested by security agents

23 February 2011

Members of the Syrian security authorities have arrested the Kurdish singer Bavê Selah in his appartment in Aleppo on 24 January 2011, reported Kurdwatch. Amnesty International has started a campaign for his release. The reason for the arrest and Bavê Selah’s current whereabouts remain unknown. He was deported to an …

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Syria: Interrogated and harassed for listening to metal music

29 March 2010

  Young people in Syria are interrogated by the secret police if they listen to heavy metal music, writes Romuald Stankiewicz in this personal travel report from the country. By Romuald Stankiewicz I met Mohammed in Damascus. After finishing high school he came to this city for a callback from …

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Syria: Musicians arrested for singing Kurdish songs

18 January 2010

Seven men, including members of a wedding music band, were arrested at a Kurdish wedding party where they were singing. They are accused of singing patriotic Kurdish songs. The Kurdish organisation for the defence of human rights and public freedoms in Syria, DAD, reported that a patrol of the Syrian …

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