Iran: Mahsa Vahdat – Singing in the absence of others

18 February 2002

Singing in the Absence of Others The young musician and singer Mahsa Vahdat speaks with Naghmeh Taqizadeh from TehranAvenue about the challenges of being a woman in a society that has so many restrictions on female voice   By Naghmeh Taqizadeh – Mahsa Vahdat is a young musician and …

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Lebanese censors seize hundreds of DVDs and three CDs

10 February 2002

Lebanese police have confiscated 600 video-DVDs and three music-CDs from a Virgin Megastore in Beirut. According to the BBC News, a score of plain-clothed and uniformed policemen raided the store on Thursday, January 3, 2002. The store manager then spent most of the next two days in police custody, and …

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Popular Iranian singer Googoosh kept out of the US

10 February 2002

It was going to be another chance for fans to see the legendary Iranian singer named Googoosh, but the U.S.-led war on terrorism has had unintended consequences on Tehran’s most popular artists, who are finding it almost impossible to practice their craft in the United States. Googoosh was scheduled to …

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Khoshnawaz brothers keep Herat’s music alive

10 November 2001

The Khoshnawaz brothers, Herat’s folk musicians who used to perform at weddings, have been exiled to Iran. Five generations of folk music in their family, the brothers only know their rubab, tabla and harmonium. They sing to survive. The independent Afghan culture magazine Lemar – Aftaab has interviewed the three …

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Barenboim plays wagner in Jerusalem

9 July 2001

Playing Wagner in Israel has always been considered very controversial. Conductor Daniel Barenboim got very mixed responses when he played a piece from Wagner’s “Tristan and Isolde” as an encore. “He raped us” says Simon Wiesenthal Centre representative. Read full story from BBC  

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Israel: The Current Wave of the Wagner Debate

20 May 2001

By Mr. Noam Ben-Zeev, Israel. Music Critic & Journalist at Haaretz Daily. Also a Lecturer at Alon School for the Arts & Sciences.   A new wave of the bitter debate, whether the music of Richard Wagner should be performed in Israel, has started again in the past few weeks …

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Israel: On the road to McCarthyism?

24 April 2001

Israel: On the road to McCarthyism? The artistic establishment in Israel, whose job it is to support the activities of artists and defend their rights, decided to exercise its authority and impose censorship under the guise of various pretexts. Story from Haaretz

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18 April 2001

This seminar, attended by 50 Afghans from all over the world, was arranged to follow up the recommendations of the report “Can You Stop the Birds Singing?” – The Censorship of Music in Afghanistan, published by Freemuse, April 2001. A total of 200 participants and 30 speakers from 20 different …

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Middle East, North Africa

18 March 2001

 Freemusepedia main page Spirit of Wikipedia: Continously under construction This ‘Freemusepedia’ is based on information from Freemuse’s publications. Thanks to continued contributions from our readers, it keeps being updated, expanded and improved. If you have additional information to contribute, or wish to make a correction, please contact us.   For more …

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Algeria: Rapper sentenced 10 years imprisonment in absentia

1 January 2001

On 3 November 2010, the Criminal Court in Chlef, 200 kilometres west of Algiers, sentenced an Algerian expatriate in absentia to 10 years imprisonment because he has produced a rap song which is insulting the country’s president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika. The song is called ‘Nique Bouteflika’ which means ‘Fuck Bouteflika’. In …

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