Turkey: Censorship Past and Present

1 October 2004

By Sanar YurdatapanA historical approach to the nature of censorship. A chapter from ‘Shoot the Singer! Music Censorship Today’ (Freemuse/Zed Books, May 2004). Reproduced with kind permission from the author and Zed Books. Read chapter (PDF)   Shoot the Singer! Read more  

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Iranian rapper talks a fine line

4 September 2004

Iranian rapper talks a fine line He is more bow tie and suit than bling bling and Nikes, but Iran’s first rap performer is still managing to unnerve the Iranian religious authorities with his social criticism. Chart-topping Shahkar Binesh-Pajouh targets unemployment, poverty and westernised Iranian girls in his new album, …

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Iran: Lashes for loud music

9 August 2004

TEHRAN, Aug 8 (AFP) – The judiciary in the western Iranian province of Hamedan has ordered that anyone caught playing thumping tunes in their cars should be subject to jail terms or lashes, the official news agency IRNA said Sunday. “Playing any type of music loud in the vehicles is …

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Najwa Karam banned by the Lebanese Censorship Committee

2 April 2004

    In March 2004, the Lebanese Surete Generale censored a video clip entitled “Why are You Emigrating?” by Najwa Karam, a well known singer. The Censorship department at The Surate Generale linked the content of the video clip to the clashes that occurred between security forces and some students …

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Iraq: Traditional Iraqi music under threat

11 February 2004

Iraq: Shia extremists want music silenced Iraqi musicians have been targeted by some Muslim radicals who want to wipe out many features of secular Iraq, writes Famous across Iraq for their sea shanties, musicians in southern Iraq’s Basra port, who have endured conflict and poverty under the 12 years …

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Censorship in Kuwait

10 February 2004

An Islamist lawmaker has said he was coordinating with other MPs to ban music education at schools in Kuwait because it was “anti-Islamic and a waste of time.” From ABC news online;    

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Iran: Women & music censorship

20 January 2004

Background material on music and censorship in Iran “Under wraps on the stage: women in the performing arts in post-revolutionary Iran” (1998) Since the 1979 Revolution in Iran, women have been key contributors to contemporary Iranian cinema, and to a lesser extent theatre and music. Contrary to the Western belief …

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Woman singer angers Afghan judges

16 January 2004

Afghanistan’s supreme court has complained to the government over the appearance of an Afghan woman singing on state television“This has to be stopped,” Deputy Chief Justice Fazel Ahmed Manawi told the Reuters news agency.Story from BBC;  

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Afghan TV U-turn on women singers

16 January 2004

Afghan state television has gone back on a decision to show female singers, saying the country is not yet ready for such broadcasts.     A song by the popular artist, Salma, was shown on Monday, the first time such images were broadcast since 1992. But the programming chief of …

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