Kuwait: Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram banned

29 September 2005

Officials at Ministry of Information in Kuwait say that its Censorship Department has refused a request for a concert during the Muslim holiday Eid Al Fitr for Lebanese Nancy Ajram and Kuwaiti singer Nabil Shu’ail. A committee member stated that Nancy Ajram – known as “The Maria Carey of the Middle …

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Afghanistan: Seven musicians killed by gunmen

26 September 2005

The popular singer Qhurban Nazar and six musicians have been killed by gunmen in northern Afghanistan, reports BBC News The singer Qhurban Nazar (also referred to as Qorban or Quarab) and six members of his orchestra was sprayed with bullets and killed as they were returning by car from a wedding party in north-western province …

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Afghanistan: music tv presenter receives asylum in Sweden

12 September 2005

On September 5, 2005, a refugee nightmare for the Afghan TV music show presenter Shakeb Isaar came to an end when he received the news that the Swedish authorities has accepted his application for asylum, giving him the rights to live and work in Sweden. “The paper from Freemuse and also from RSF helped, and I …

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Iran: Ministry rejects instrumental CD

29 August 2005

The Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has rejected a 10-track instrumental album carrying the English title ‘Trails of the soul’ – with the reasoning that “Western rock is the product of drug addicts”. Robert Tait of the Guardian reports that, despite restrictions, rock bands in Iran still try to get …

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Iran: Rock artists struggle to breach cultural and bureaucratic barriers

29 August 2005

The Iranian culture ministry does not recognise rock music in its permitted music categories, and frequently rejects such work as culturally inappropriate, reported The Guardian’s Robert Tait from Teheran. But despite restrictions, rock bands in Iran still try to get a hearing.     Around 70 percent of Iran’s population …

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Israel/Palestine: Taliban-like attempts to censor music in West Bank

17 August 2005

As a Hamas-led town council in the West Bank bans outdoor music and dance performances in order to prevent “the mingling of the sexes”, musicians fear that Palestine is liable to be turned into an Islamic-law state.   Music causes controversies all over the muslim world where religious radicals wishes …

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Pakistan: Pro-Taliban strikes against music shops

8 August 2005

Music shops ordered to close down and are attacked with bombs and violence if they don’t, writes ADN Kronos International’s Syed Saleem Shahzad from Karachi The pro-Taliban warlord Abdullah Mehsud, 29, who operates in the Waziristan province of Pakistan, has recently announced the implementation of strict Islamic laws in North and South Waziristan and urged …

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Pakistan: Faiz Ali Faiz

1 August 2005

The Pakistani singer Faiz Ali Faiz sings qawwali, the local form of Sufi praise song, with a voice which might remind you of the great master Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. According to the tradition, Qawwali music speaks of love, not of politics, and Faiz Ali Faiz has never personally encountered music …

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Iran: Reviewer of music book sentenced to jail

3 June 2005

Banafsheh Samgis, a cultural critic at the newspaper Iran, has been sentenced to jail for writing that the prophet Muhammed liked music played by women Banafsheh Samgis has been accused of “insulting and undermining the holy tenets of islam” and “distorting Islamic history” in a favorable review she wrote on the …

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