Censorship in Kuwait

10 February 2004

An Islamist lawmaker has said he was coordinating with other MPs to ban music education at schools in Kuwait because it was “anti-Islamic and a waste of time.” From ABC news online;    

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Iran: Women & music censorship

20 January 2004

Background material on music and censorship in Iran “Under wraps on the stage: women in the performing arts in post-revolutionary Iran” (1998) Since the 1979 Revolution in Iran, women have been key contributors to contemporary Iranian cinema, and to a lesser extent theatre and music. Contrary to the Western belief …

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Woman singer angers Afghan judges

16 January 2004

Afghanistan’s supreme court has complained to the government over the appearance of an Afghan woman singing on state television“This has to be stopped,” Deputy Chief Justice Fazel Ahmed Manawi told the Reuters news agency.Story from BBC;  

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Afghan TV U-turn on women singers

16 January 2004

Afghan state television has gone back on a decision to show female singers, saying the country is not yet ready for such broadcasts.     A song by the popular artist, Salma, was shown on Monday, the first time such images were broadcast since 1992. But the programming chief of …

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Kurds struggle to find voice in Turkey

28 December 2003

In December 2003, one of Turkey’s best-known singers and film stars, Ibrahim Tatlises, sang a song in Kurdish, his native language, live on television. Then, a few days after his performance, members of Turkey’s rightist Ulkucu movement, the youth wing of former government partner the National Action Party, staged a …

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Pakistan: The censored meet the censor

18 December 2003

Where in Islam does it say that music is forbidden?” In the BBC4 programme “The Rock Star and the Mullah”, Salman Ahmad, guitarist with Pakistani rock group Junoon, meet the men who banned music. From BBC;  

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Music provoke islamists on Pakistan campuses

27 November 2003

A film student at Pakistan’s biggest university in Karachi, produced a music video for his final-year project. But right-wing Islamic students opposed to holding art shows on campus attacked the student’s exhibition and smashed the computer he had planned to use to screen it.   Full story at Yahoo News …

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Iraq’s artists strive for freedom

25 March 2003

  Saddam Hussein manipulated artistic expression so completely that many musicians, writers and artists now wonder if they can ever again find their own voices. Story from New York Times  

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Singing Kharabat’s praises

24 January 2003

Kabul’s musicians defy violent and abusive conservatives Despite harrasment and killings, the sound of music can be heard once again coming from the ruins of Kabul’s Kharabat Street, the cradle of traditional Afghan songs for centuries. Article from The Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR)  

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Khoshnawaz brothers keep Herat’s music alive

10 November 2001

The Khoshnawaz brothers, Herat’s folk musicians who used to perform at weddings, have been exiled to Iran. Five generations of folk music in their family, the brothers only know their rubab, tabla and harmonium. They sing to survive. The independent Afghan culture magazine Lemar – Aftaab has interviewed the three …

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