Algeria: Rabah Donquishoot

14 May 2007

Rabah is a musician and rapper who has produced a ‘Music Freedom Day’ signature song for Freemuse together with his group MBS and rappers around the world. In this interview he speaks about music censorship in Algeria and about the role of the Algerian musician Matoub Lounes who was assassinated …

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Afghanistan: Music download shop attacked, two killed

9 May 2007

Two people were killed and several wounded by a bomb that exploded in a music download shop in Afghanistan’s southeastern town of Khost on 22 April 2007 A bomb blast in a mobile telephone shop where residents regularly download music into their mobile phones, two men were killed and seven …

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Pakistan: Intensified campaign against music

8 May 2007

Attacks on music shops. Music players in cars destoyed. Ban on the sale of CDs and cassettes. Religious militants’ violent attacks on property belonging to people who sell, play or listen to music are intensified in north-western Pakistan, reports the news agencies Within one week 20 music shops are reported …

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Turkey: Two musicians sentenced to 10 months in prison

1 May 2007

Another legal action against singer Pınar Aydınlar   The following was published by Antenna-TR in its Freedom of Expression Weekly Bulletin Issue 19/2012 on 11 May 2012: A lawsuit was filed against folk singer Pınar Aydınlar (also known as Pinar Sağ) and the Group Munzur members Özlem Gerçek and Erkan …

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Iran: ‘Half Moon’ – film about women’s right to sing

25 April 2007

‘Half Moon’ is a feature film which talks of women’s right to perform in public, and to participate in the artistic development of a land   They jump into an orange mini bus and begin the search for a female singer who will join their company – which is not …

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Iran: Six musicians arrested

24 April 2007

 Authorities in Iran have reportedly detained at least six members of underground music bands during the past week and shut down their studios, Radio Farda reported. According to the radio station, at least two detainees who were taken into custody on 19 April 2007 have been freed on bail after …

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Pakistan: Music business faces serious threats in North West Pakistan

23 April 2007

1,200 owners of music centres have been warned by Islamic hardliners of “serious consequences” if they fail to close down their “immoral business”. On 21 April 2007, three more owners of video and music shops experienced the seriousness of these threats when their shops in Swabi were blown up by …

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Pakistan: Religious extremists request radio to stop its music programmes

18 April 2007

The radio station Dera Radio was asked by unknown callers to stop it’s music programmes for religous reasons According to the Pakistani newspaper Daily Express the unknown callers gave threatening warnings to the radio station in Dera Ismail Khan in North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. In intimidation calls, the radio station …

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Bahrain: Freemuse declaration read aloud

18 April 2007

Freemuse has issued a declaration in support of the ‘Spring of Culture’ performance in Bahrain. The declaration reminds politicians in Bahrain of their responsibility of defending human rights and freedom of expression. The declaration was read aloud in front of an audience at a cultural manifestation in Bahrain on 18 April …

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Lebanon / France: Marcel Khalife

11 April 2007

Video statement: ‘Majnoon Layla’ In this statement Marcel Khalife speaks (in Arabic language) about why artists must engage in the defence of creativity. See the video.         See the video       Interview: ‘The quest for freedom’ Video interview and music performance by Marcel Khalife recorded at the Freemuse …

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