Pakistan: Singer shot dead by her brothers

28 April 2009

Pashto singer Shamim Aiman Udas was murdered on 26 April 2009. According to her husband, she was killed by her own brothers, reported the Pakistani newspapers Daily Times and The News. Immediately after the killing of Aiman Udas, it was largely suspected that religious militants might have killed her because …

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Pakistan: Four men shaved as punishment for listening to music

26 April 2009

 In the district of Buner, just 100 kilometres from the capital Islamabad, a terrified young man told a reporter from Associated Press that Taliban militants had shaved the heads and moustaches of him and three friends for listening to music late in the evening of 25 April 2009. “I was …

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Israel: Palestinian youth orchestra disbanded

15 April 2009

Palestinian authorities has disbanded a youth orchestra and barred its Arab conductor, Wafa Younes, from a West Bank refugee camp after it played for a group of Holocaust survivors in Israel as part of the annual Good Deeds Day organised by Israeli billionaire Shari Arison. According to various sources neither …

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Afghanistan: Afghan idol: ‘My life is under threat’

1 April 2009

20-year-old Lima Sahar charmed her way into the third spot of the 2008 version of the wildly popular ‘Afghan Star’ competition, beating more than 2,000 rivals in votes sent by mobile telephone text message. Now in exile, she fears for her life.   Lima Sahar   A year ago Lima …

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Afghanistan: Music programmes lead to arrest

25 March 2009

0n 23 March 2009, Afghanistan’s attorney general office arrested Fahim Kohdamani, the manager of Amroz TV, allegedly for broadcasting “anti-Islamic” and “vulgar” programmes on his music show ‘Biya wa Bibin’ (‘Come and See’).. According the general attorney’s office, he was arrested because of a letter from the Commission for Media …

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Pakistan/USA: Salman Ahmad: Obama should listen to Pakistani artists

13 March 2009

As the Taliban silence music in the Swat Valley in northern Pakistan, Freemuse ambassador and singer Salman Ahmad denounces the Pakistani peace accord with the Taliban.   American president Barack Obama has promised to listen to the Muslim world. He can start by listening to Pakistani artists who embody peace, …

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Turkey: Acquitted in court case over broadcasting a Kurdish song

2 March 2009

A Turkish court has cleared the Kurdish singer Şivan Perwer’s song ‘Mihemedo’ of an accusation of ‘inciting hatred and hostility’. Mehmet Arslan, the editor of Radio Dünya, a local radio station in Adana in southern Turkey, broadcasted the folk song ‘Mihemedo’ on 16 October 2007 – the song which 33 …

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Iran: 13 musicians arrested in Isfahan

2 March 2009

Brigadier general Mer-Abbas Sofivand, local head of the State Security Forces, told the daily newspaper Kayhan that 13 musicians have been arrested, and 90 CDs seized by police in Isfahan.   “The group was composing and recording songs in the basement of a house in Isfahan,” Mer-Abbas Sofivand is quoted …

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Pakistan: Harmonium player Anwar Gul murdered by militants

16 February 2009

On 15 December 2008, a group of musicians were attacked by armed men. Two days later at a hospital in Peshawar, the harmonium player Anwar Gul died from his wounds. By Shaheen Buneri – Freemuse’s correspondent in Pakistan                        Anwar Gul Photo by Asad Danish It was a chilling cold …

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