Kuweit: Concert closed for ‘defying the conservative traditions’

23 October 2008

The Kuwaiti department for monitoring public entertainment abrubtly ended a concert by the Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni because of a kiss, reported The Associated Press A woman from the audience jumped onto the stage, hugged the Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni and gave him a kiss. For this, authorities abruptly had …

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Pakistan: ‘The Miscreants’ – The popular culture of war in Pakistan

20 October 2008

The Australian documentary film director George Gittoes gets up close to the clash of fundamentalism and entertainment, virtual and real, in this off beat doc-drama mix, in which he enters the no-go zone of the Taliban controlled Tribal Belt in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province.   Included in the Taliban’s list …

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Tyrkiet: Interview med den landflygtige musiker Fuat Talay

13 October 2008

Fuat Talay: ‘Jeg flygtede og kan ikke vende tilbage’   Den tyrkiske baglama-spiller og sanger Fuat Talay Lyt Fuat Talays MySpace profil – med sange fra hans seneste album, ‘Sufisticated’: Efkar Ensembles officielle hjemmeside:    

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Israel: British musician defied death threats by militants

25 September 2008

British musician Paul McCartney defied death threats by religious militants in the Middle East before his concert in Israel where he performed in Tel Aviv for 40,000 fans on 25 September 2008 — 43 years after Israeli authorities banned the Beatles from performing there. “Paul McCartney survives landmark Israel gig,” …

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Israel: Conference about ‘music on troubled soils’

22 September 2008

Which role does music play for countries in conflict? Does music have a power to overcome physical or cultural barriers? Such questions will be investigated when musicians, politicians and experts from Europe, the United States and Africa gather in Jerusalem, Israel, on 23-26 October 2008 to discuss the role of …

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Aziza Brahim

19 September 2008

(Western Sahara)   Aziza Brahim is a Sahrawi singer who was born in a refugee camp in Algeria. In this interview she speaks about how and why her music is banned in Western Sahara. Aziza Brahim refers to the Western Sahara territory as ‘the occupied zone’, and in this video …

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Turkey: Jail sentence to Kurdish folk singer

8 September 2008

  Folk music singer Hasan Sağlam was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment for “making terrorist propaganda” because he sang the Kurdish song ‘Vuruldu Sevdamız Kirvem’ at the Munzur Festival in Tunceli in 2007. The song’s title, ‘Vuruldu Sevdamız Kirvem’, means: ‘Our love was shot, my kirve’ — where kirve is …

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Turkey: Busdriver convicted for playing Kurdish song

8 September 2008

A court in Diyarbakır sentenced the busdriver Mustafa Tüzün to 10 months’ imprisonment because he played a Kurdish song in his bus. Mustafa Tüzün was accused of making terrorist propaganda, because he transmitted the song titled ‘Le Amedê’ from the loudspeakers on his bus when he was the driver for …

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United Arab Emirates: MTV Arabia refrain from playing music videos

1 September 2008

The Middle East’s new youth entertainment and lifestyle tv-channel MTV Arabia announced on 20 August 2008 that it will mark the holy month Ramadan by refraining from music videos. Some call it “religious censorship over music videos”. Others appreciate the tv-channel’s sensitivity to the solemnity of the Islamic month of …

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