Morocco: Surprise hearing of Mouad El Haked

16 December 2011

  After being held in custody for three months, the court in Casablanca opened the case of El Haked on 6 December – without informing his lawyers, or his family. One of the rapper’s lawyers is quoted on the support web page: “I was surprised when the activists from the …

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Morocco: El Haked is unlawfully kept in detention

5 December 2011

Moroccan rapper El Haked is still kept in detention, waiting for the judge to set a date for his trial. Freemuse has previously reported about El Haked’s arrest in Casablanca on 9 September 2011. The rapper is accused of physically attacking and injuring somebody in a scuffle, but many believe the case …

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Morocco: Rapper allegedly set up and arrested

13 September 2011

“Free Lhaqed or arrest us all!” states the writing on the t-shirts of these four protesters photographed at a demonstration on 11 September 2011 Photo: from Lhaqed’s support group on Facebook   Morocco: Rapper allegedly set up and arrested The journalist and political activist Ghassan Waïl, who lives in Casablanca, …

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Western Sahara: Aziza Brahim shortlisted for Freedom to Create Prize

11 November 2009

Western Saharan singer and musician Aziza Brahim, who recently performed at WOMEX in Copenhagen and this year’s Lovebox Weekender in United Kingdom, is shortlisted for the 2009 Freedom to Create Prize, in the Main Prize category. Aziza Brahim will perform at the awards ceremony at the Victoria & Albert Museum …

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Morocco: In jail for singing anti-monarchy protest chants

3 October 2007

Seven Moroccons have been imprisoned for chanting protest slogans against the monarchy and for freedom of expression. Amnesty International calls for Morocco’s Minister of Justice to release them Marking the International Workers’ Day on 1 May 2007, groups of people were peacefully making a demonstration, walking in the streets while …

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Denmark / Morocco: Danish DJ boycotted in Morocco

7 February 2006

Moroccan night club has cancelled engagement of the Danish house-DJ Rune RK for “political reasons” The hit song ‘Calabria’ is created by Rune RK from Denmark, presently gaining popularity in many countries, including Morocco. But because Danish goods are being boycotted in Muslim countries due to a controversy over Muhammed …

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Moroccan musicians and fans free

8 April 2003

On 4. April a court in Rabat dismissed the charges against eleven (who had been earlier released on bail) and reduced the sentences on the other three to 45 days. The fourteen heavy metal musicians and fans were arrested in February in Casablanca and sentenced to jail from 2 months …

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Moroccan heavy fans jailed

7 March 2003

Fans have been jailed in Casablanca for moral and religious crimes. According to the judge, “normal people go to concerts in a suit and tie” From BBC News    

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Western Sahara

2 January 2000

Western Sahara is a territory of North Africa – one of the most sparsely populated territories in the world, mainly consisting of desert flatlands. It has been on the United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories since the 1960s when it was a Spanish colony. The Kingdom of Morocco and the …

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