Morocco: Rapper prosecuted over song deemed insulting

22 October 2015

The Moroccan rapper Al Muntaqim was arrested in August 2015 and accused of inciting violence and drug abuse through his song ‘Korsika’. He has since been released, but his court case is still pending. In August 2015, the Public Prosecution at the Court of First Instance in Khenifra city in …

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18 October 2015

L’affaire des quatorze satanistes Pendant la conférence au Beirut Freemuse a interviewé Rèda Zine. Dans ce clip vidéo il nous parle de l’affaire des quatorze satanistes, un procès qui a eu lieu au Maroc en févirer 2003. Pendant cette affaire des musiciens rock et métal ont été accusés de satanisme, …

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Lebanon: Documentary film with Sahrawi artists banned

14 October 2015

The film ‘Life Is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara’ has been banned in Lebanon. All screenings at Beirut Film Fest have been cancelled. ‘Life Is Waiting’ is a new film by director Iara Lee, who asked Sahrawi activists and artists to give answers to questions such as: ‘What …

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Morocco: Continued harrasment and banning of performances

3 August 2015

In Morocco, performances of the theatre piece ‘B7al B7al’ have repeatedly been interrupted and banned: On 13 June 2015 in Rabat, on 4 and 5 July in Tangiers, and then on 1 August in Fez. ‘B7al B7al’ is a creation of the Theatre of the Oppressed company from Casablanca – …

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Morocco: Rapper El Haqed – besieged, alienated and oppressed

3 August 2015

Freemuse interview with the Moroccan rapper El Haqed, who was awarded with the 2015 Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award for Arts. By Shaima Aly Mouad Belghouat (also spelled: Belrhouate) is better known under his artist name, El Haqed – the now world-famous Moroccan rapper and human rights activist …

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Morocco: Director and actress summoned to court

24 June 2015

French-Moroccan director of the new film ‘Much Loved’ (‘Zine Li Fik’), Nabil Ayouch, and Moroccan leading actress Loubna Abidar have been summoned to court in their native country for a hearing on 15 July 2015, Moroccan World News reported. Loubna Abidar plays a prostitute in the film, which follows the daily lives of …

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Morocco: Police blocks concert with rapper El Haqed

22 June 2015

On 19 June 2015, a concert with the Morrocan rapper El Haqed was called off with 48 hours notice by the police in Casablanca. Right before the beginning of the show, Police allegedly blocked streets leading to the venue and asked the local power provider to cut electricity. The concert …

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Morocco: Rapper found dead

16 June 2015

The Moroccan rapper Rifinox (real name: Husain Belkich) was found dead on 22 March 2015 after having been missing for over two weeks. He was reported missing by his family on 2 March 2015, when he did not return from going shopping in the neighbourhood. His decomposed body was found …

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Morocco: Rapper speaks out after release from prison

27 May 2015

After four months behind bars, the Moroccan rapper Abdul Mou’men Al Shuaibi was released in February 2015. Freemuse spoke with Al Shuaibi about his ordeal and his plans for the future.  Back in 2013, Al Shuaibi had released a rap song, entitled ‘zan9a lkahla 2013 Chorta Fe Lara’ criticising the local …

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Morocco: Rapper Al Shuaibi reportedly released from prison

6 April 2015

After six months imprisonment at the Civil Prison in El Araich city, the Moroccan rapper Al Shuaibi was set free on 27 February 2015, reported After his release from prison, Al Shuaibi made a public statement to, saying that he will proceed with his “call for justice and …

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