Artist Alert: August and September 2013 | Article 19

24 October 2013

Newsletter from Article 19, published on on 21 October 2013: Art, in any form, constitutes a key medium through which information and ideas are imparted and received. Artist Alert, launched by ARTICLE 19 in 2008, highlights cases of artists around the world whose right to freedom of expression has …

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Lebanon: Two films removed from film festival programme

7 October 2013

The administration of the Beirut International Film Festival announced in a press release that Lebanon’s film censorship board has denied permission to screen the Lebanese short ‘Wahibatouka al-Moutaa’ (I Offered You Pleasure) and the French feature ‘L’Inconnu du Lac’ (Stranger by the Lake). The Daily Star – 3 October 2013: …

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Lebanon/UAE: British comedian cancels tour after threats

21 June 2013

British comedian and actor Russell Brand had been booked to perform in United Arab Emirates and Lebanon on his ‘Messiah Complex’ world tour, but those gigs have now been cancelled because of threats from religious groups. “I was told that if I went there there would be problems,” Russell Brand …

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Lebanon: Award-winning film banned for being shot in Israel

14 May 2013

Lebanese authorities have banned the award-winning film ‘The Attack’ from cinemas in the country because it was partly shot in Tel Aviv using Israeli actors. “I regret to inform you that the Interior Minister of Lebanon, Minister (Marwan) Charbel, has decided to punish us and the film by banning it… …

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Comments on Lebanon’s censorship situtation

19 September 2012

Tarek Joseph Chemaly, a Lebanese artist and university lecturer, published a personal comment about censorship of the arts in Lebanon. And according to Giedre Steikunaite, a freelance writer currently based in London, wrote an article about censorship in Lebanon for New Internationalist. Creative acts of resistance are springing up in …

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Lebanon: Youtube-series to tackle the thorny issue of censorship

2 July 2012

A new Lebanese web-series, ‘MAMNOU3’, was launched on 1 July 2012. The series is a mockumentary account of what goes down in one of Lebanon’s most infamous administrative departments, the General Security’s censorship bureau. “At first sight it does seem that Lebanon has enjoyed wider freedoms than the rest of …

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Lebanon: Protest against increased censorship

26 March 2012

  In light of the notable increase in censorship in Lebanon over the last year, a number of musicians, performers, filmmakers and comedians decided to put on a show at Metro al-Madina in Beirut on 15 March 2012, entitled ‘I am Free’. The event brought together popular artists such as …

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Study on censorship in Lebanon: law and practice

15 February 2012

This study aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of censorship in Lebanon. The publishers hope “it will allow the many local artistic and cultural actors the opportunity to lobby for the most appropriate legislative amendments to the current censorship regulations which are currently not conducive to their work.” The study …

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