Kuweit: Concert closed for ‘defying the conservative traditions’

23 October 2008

The Kuwaiti department for monitoring public entertainment abrubtly ended a concert by the Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni because of a kiss, reported The Associated Press A woman from the audience jumped onto the stage, hugged the Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni and gave him a kiss. For this, authorities abruptly had …

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Kuwait: Music shops closed

5 March 2008

Music shops in Kuwait have been closed on the claim of defending morals and Islamic obligations, and a new censorship law threatens freedom of expression in the country, reported Arabic Network for Human Rights Information on 6 February 2008. An article published by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Watan described an on-going …

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Kuwait: Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram banned

29 September 2005

Officials at Ministry of Information in Kuwait say that its Censorship Department has refused a request for a concert during the Muslim holiday Eid Al Fitr for Lebanese Nancy Ajram and Kuwaiti singer Nabil Shu’ail. A committee member stated that Nancy Ajram – known as “The Maria Carey of the Middle …

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Censorship in Kuwait

10 February 2004

An Islamist lawmaker has said he was coordinating with other MPs to ban music education at schools in Kuwait because it was “anti-Islamic and a waste of time.” From ABC news online;    

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