Kuwait: Member of parliament wants music teaching banned

11 November 2009

“We will not allow our schools to become centres for graduating dancers. (…) We call for halting this, otherwise, we will use constitutional tools. This could lead to grilling the prime minister,” the Kuwaiti member of parliament Mohammad Hayef told reporters according to Agence France-Presse, AFP. Mohammad Hayef belongs to …

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Kuweit: Concert closed for ‘defying the conservative traditions’

23 October 2008

The Kuwaiti department for monitoring public entertainment abrubtly ended a concert by the Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni because of a kiss, reported The Associated Press A woman from the audience jumped onto the stage, hugged the Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni and gave him a kiss. For this, authorities abruptly had …

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Kuwait: Music shops closed

5 March 2008

Music shops in Kuwait have been closed on the claim of defending morals and Islamic obligations, and a new censorship law threatens freedom of expression in the country, reported Arabic Network for Human Rights Information on 6 February 2008. An article published by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Watan described an on-going …

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Kuwait: Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram banned

29 September 2005

Officials at Ministry of Information in Kuwait say that its Censorship Department has refused a request for a concert during the Muslim holiday Eid Al Fitr for Lebanese Nancy Ajram and Kuwaiti singer Nabil Shu’ail. A committee member stated that Nancy Ajram – known as “The Maria Carey of the Middle …

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Censorship in Kuwait

10 February 2004

An Islamist lawmaker has said he was coordinating with other MPs to ban music education at schools in Kuwait because it was “anti-Islamic and a waste of time.” From ABC news online;    

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