Jordan: Heavy metal musician: “We were rebels”

8 October 2009

“Wherever we came out we were branded Satanists,” writes Rami Abdel Rahman in this personal account of his experiences as a young metal head in the 1990s heavy metal scene of Jordan. By Rami Abdel Rahman       One snowy winter afternoon in Sweden about two years ago, I …

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Jordan: Ruba Saqr

19 February 2007

In this interview the Jordanian singer Ruba Saqr speaks about the impact of music censorship – and in particular: artists’ self-censorship – in the Middle East. She connects the music censorship issue with development problems in society in general – in Jordan as well as in the rest of the …

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Jordan: Freemuse Round Table Meeting in Amman in April 2005

2 May 2005

    Freemuse hosts a round table meeting in Amman which brings together a group of artists and organisers from the cultural scene of the nearby region   The meeting, held on April 1, 2005, was one of the first steps made by Freemuse to direct a sharpened focus towards …

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