Iranian hardliners cancel embassy music concerts

5 October 2004

Iranian hardliners cancel embassy music concerts TEHRAN, Oct 5 (AFP) – A series of concerts organized by foreign embassies in Iran have been cancelled at the last minute, apparently due to increased curbs on cultural events by the Islamic republic’s hardliners, diplomats said yesterday. Two jazz concerts organized by Italy’s …

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Iranian rapper talks a fine line

4 September 2004

Iranian rapper talks a fine line He is more bow tie and suit than bling bling and Nikes, but Iran’s first rap performer is still managing to unnerve the Iranian religious authorities with his social criticism. Chart-topping Shahkar Binesh-Pajouh targets unemployment, poverty and westernised Iranian girls in his new album, …

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Iran: Lashes for loud music

9 August 2004

TEHRAN, Aug 8 (AFP) – The judiciary in the western Iranian province of Hamedan has ordered that anyone caught playing thumping tunes in their cars should be subject to jail terms or lashes, the official news agency IRNA said Sunday. “Playing any type of music loud in the vehicles is …

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Iran: Women & music censorship

20 January 2004

Background material on music and censorship in Iran “Under wraps on the stage: women in the performing arts in post-revolutionary Iran” (1998) Since the 1979 Revolution in Iran, women have been key contributors to contemporary Iranian cinema, and to a lesser extent theatre and music. Contrary to the Western belief …

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Iran: Mahsa Vahdat – Singing in the absence of others

18 February 2002

Singing in the Absence of Others The young musician and singer Mahsa Vahdat speaks with Naghmeh Taqizadeh from TehranAvenue about the challenges of being a woman in a society that has so many restrictions on female voice   By Naghmeh Taqizadeh – Mahsa Vahdat is a young musician and …

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Popular Iranian singer Googoosh kept out of the US

10 February 2002

It was going to be another chance for fans to see the legendary Iranian singer named Googoosh, but the U.S.-led war on terrorism has had unintended consequences on Tehran’s most popular artists, who are finding it almost impossible to practice their craft in the United States. Googoosh was scheduled to …

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1990s Middle East, North Africa

1 January 2001

1990s. Algeria. Souad Massi Souad Massi was threatened and censored for her political stance in her native country. Now she makes music from her self-imposed exile in Paris continuing the fight for the rights of women and Berber in Algeria. 1994. Iran. Marzieh A sharp voice of political dissent and …

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1970-1989 Middle East, North Africa

1 January 2001

1978 til 2011. Libya. Various artists The 1970s saw two urban trends emerge in Libya, as well as the emergence of the country’s first modern female signers. All this diversity pretty much ended in the late 1970s. Gaddafi’s aggressive ideological dictates began to infiltrate all cultural production in Libya. The …

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Arya Aramnejad

2 January 2000

Arya Aramnejad is an Iranian singer from Babol in the northern part of Iran. He became famous for his song ‘Ali Barkhiz’ where he denounces the Islamic regime’s crimes during the 2009 Ashura protests. After this, he has been imprisoned several times. 

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Music albums

1 January 2000

DISCOGRAPHY A list of music albums relating to music censorship Last update    By album title, alphabetical: Iranian Underground Compiled by Bar-Ax and Tehran Avenue. 14 tracks with infosheet on page 25 in magazine. Published by the magazine Songlines no 67, April-May 2010. United Kingdom 2010.     Read more… Listen to the banned …

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