Egypt: BBC radio interview with singer Ramy Essam

10 August 2011

Listen to BBC’s interview with Ramy Essam, the Egyptian singer-songwriter who became famous for turning protesters chants into catchy songs The 24-year-old singer Ramy Essam was one of the first to stand up on stage on Tahrir Square in January 2011 and directly attack Mr Mubarak, calling the president by …

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Tunisia: Anis Dridi

22 June 2011

    Musician Anis Dridi comments on music censorship in Tunisia.   This interview with Anis Dridi was recorded by Freemuse Officer Martin Buch Larsen in Cairo, Egypt, in June 2011. Originally trained as a religious singer, Anis Dridi has since moved on to more unconventional genres such as Arab-African …

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Tunisia: Mehdi R2M

22 June 2011

Musician Mehdi R2M comments on music censorship in Tunisia.   This interview with Mehdi R2M was recorded by Freemuse Officer Martin Buch Larsen in Cairo, Egypt, in June 2011. Deriving from a family of music lovers, Mehdi R2M brings together the best of rap, RnB and Ragga. He is now an …

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Egypt: Musician in the firing line of the Arab Spring

6 April 2011

  His songs were inspired by the experiences he had in the eye of the revolutionary hurricane on Tahrir Square. The events gave Ramy Essam the reputation as one of North Africa’s new musical revolution heroes, and the Western media have proclaimed him to be ‘Egypt’s Bob Dylan’. By Mik …

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Egypt: Protest singer brutally tortured

11 March 2011

Ramy Essam, the creator of the famous ‘#Jan25 Tahrir’ song that was played throughout the Egyptian revolution in February 2011, appeared with severe marks of torture after being detained by security forces, reported Egyptian bloggers via Twitter and Facebook. Below is a translation of Ramy Essam’s testimony which was posted …

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Egypt and Tunisia: The artistic revolution in the Middle East

28 February 2011

“This was a very artistic revolution,” Noor Ayman Nour, son of a famous dissident Egyptian politician and founder of the Egyptian metal band Bliss, told Andy Morgan — a writer, journalist, researcher and event programmer with a background in the music industry who has written an interesting article about the …

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Egypt: Music officials banned British rock star from performing

5 May 2010

Egyptian music officials have banned Elton John from performing in Egypt at a private event later this month because of his recent comments that Jesus was gay. The German news agency DPA quoted Mounir al-Wasimi, the head of Egypt’s Musician Union, as saying that his country could not allow “a …

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Tunisia/Egypt: Najla too sexy for Egyptian tv

23 February 2006

The Egyptian music channel Mazzika will not air Tunisian singer and dancer Najla’s new music video because it is considered pornographic Najla is trying eagerly to return to the scenes, yet decisions to ban her music surround her. This is the third time the singer’s music video has been banned, reports Al …

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