Egypt: Index on Censorship interview about censored theatre play

14 July 2014

‘Shout Art Loud’ – a ‘living report’ from the freedom of expression charity Index on Censorship about art and sexual violence in Egypt – describes how the play ‘The Bussy Monologues’ was censored after its first performance in 2010. The directors of the play had a visit from the “morality …

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Egypt: Artists and writers defy censorship

11 June 2014

Egyptian cultural figures say they will not be silenced as the authorities tighten their grip on freedom of speech. Fatenn Mostafa, the founder of the Cairo-based organisation, Art Talks, said the crackdown has mainly been limited to critics of Sisi, such as the political satirist Bassem Youssef, whose television programme …

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Egypt: Freemuse award winner interrogated by security police

2 June 2014

Singer Ramy Essam gives an account of his experiences with the Egyptian Security Police obsessed by discovering links to the Muslim Brotherhood. Ramy Essam is used to being harassed by police. When he returns from the studio or a club after midnight in Cairo, he – like many others – …

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Egypt: Filmmakers suffer from censorship and union restrictions

28 April 2014

Those involved in the film industry in Egypt are subject to censorship and strict regulation from the state, which has led a group of filmmakers to work to establish a “parallel” trade union to protect their rights and support their interests, writes Al-Monitor. “Hala Lotfy, a film director, believes that …

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Egypt: Head of censorship board resigns after controversy over film

24 April 2014

The Lebanese diva Haifa Wehbe’s new film ‘Halawet Rooh’ (Beauty of the Soul) has been banned and withdrawn from cinema theatres in Egypt after criticism over immoral scenes. “The Egyptian Creativity Front, a coalition comprising the country’s three main artistic unions, has slammed the move as an ‘assault on the …

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Egypt: Secularists and conservatives battle over music videos

21 March 2014

In an in-depth article, Index of Censorship’s Shahira Amin describes the current battle between secularists and conservatives for the soul of the “new Egypt” where “suggestive” and “explicit” music videos are being blamed for causing a surge in incidents of sexual harassment and violence against women in the country and …

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Egypt: Poet Omar Hazek imprisoned

20 March 2014

A two-year prison sentence was handed down to Egyptian poet Omar Hazek, who has been held in custody since his arrest in early December 2013 for taking part in a protest. Omar Hazek was held in Hadra prison in Alexandria until 21 February 2014 when he was moved to Burj …

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UK: Four artists shortlisted for Freedom of Expression Awards 2014

18 March 2014

British theatre producer David Cecil, Lebanese playwright Lucien Bourjeily, Egyptian rapper Mayam Mahmoud and the Turkish writer Arikan are shortlisted for the Index Awards 2014, which during 14 years have honoured some of the most remarkable fighters for free expression from around the world. The award show takes place in …

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Egypt: Revolutionary singer stopped from performing

18 March 2014

The Egyptian singer Mohamed Mohsen known for his anti-government songs said Saturday that authorities stopped him from performing at an arts festival attended by the country’s interim president and military chief for “security concerns”. Mohsen told The Associated Press he thought officials might “specifically targeted” him over his revolutionary songs …

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