United Kingdom: Tory leader calls for ban on violent lyrics

4 July 2007

On 4 July 2007, David Cameron renewed his call for the music industry to “show leadership” by banning violent lyrics from songs, reported The Guardian. The Tory leader appealed to the British Phonographic Industry to bring its influence to bear on the pro-violence culture blighting Britain’s youth, writes Hélène Mulholland …

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United Kingdom: Who censors and regulates music in the UK?

22 February 2007

Discussion on BBC Message Boards about music censorship in the United Kingdom “Who censors and regulates music in the UK? Is it a separate ordeal, or managed by one main body?” asks ‘shrubmonkey’ (U7547857) on BBC’s Message Boards. If you have an answer to that question, we recommend that you …

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United Kingdom: City council proposes ban on ‘murder music’

8 February 2007

Brighton and Hove City Council may become the first in United Kingdom to place a ban on music which encourages violence towards minority groups, reports The Argus Proposals to outlaw so-called ‘murder music’ in venues, pubs and clubs are being considered as part of a review of Brighton and Hove …

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Maya Medich & Lemez Lovas: Music censorship in Belarus

31 January 2007

(United Kingdom)   Maya Medich and Lemez Lovas are authors of the Freemuse report about music censorship in Belarus which was published in November 2006, entitled ‘Hidden Truths’. This video is a five-minutes excerpt of their one-hour presentation launching the report, explaining the mechanisms of censorship in Belarus. The presentation …

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United Kingdom / Finland: Jason Carter

22 January 2007

Jason Carter performs mainly as a solo guitarist, and has toured the world extensively for British Council. He has strong artistic links with the Middle East and was the co-founder of the ‘Bahrain International Guitar Festival’. In this interview he speaks about his personal experiences of music censorship in the …

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UK/USA: David Byrne about self-censorship in 1981

12 October 2006

In the current debate in the Western world about self-censorship contra freedom of expression, and whether it is acceptable that musicians use samples from religious rituals, such as prayer or recital from the Qur’an, singer David Byrne and producer Brian Eno made up their minds already 25 years ago. When …

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Musicians hit by the “9/11-effect”

11 September 2006

Anti-terror security causes problems for touring musicians Renewed fear of terror in the wake of Britain’s foiled terrorist plot to blow up airplanes led to tighter restrictions on air travel in August 2006. Expensive musical instruments are no longer allowed on the plane as carry-on baggage from London, and this …

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United Kingdom: Controversy over political songs

22 August 2006

Aki Nawaz, a British rap artist and frontman of Fun-Da-Mental, is accused of glorifying terrorism. The lyrics on his new album has provoked calls for him to be arrested under anti-terrorism laws Aki Nawaz’s own record label, Nation Records, has refused to support his new album, ‘All is War (The …

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United Kingdom: “Cultural censorship” threatens artistic endeavours

16 August 2006

Stringent immigration regulations and a seemingly insurmountable bureaucracy have led to several foreign artists being denied entry into the UK and are making it increasingly difficult to organise musical events featuring foreign artists   Zimbabwean musician Thomas Mapfumo was forced to cancel his concert at the Womad Festival in UK …

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