8 February 2017

ART UNDER THREAT IN 2016: RUSSIA SERIOUS VIOLATIONS: 10 ACTS OF CENSORSHIP: 16 Religious orthodoxy and political nationalism, under the guise of morality and protectionism, continued to be the main motivations behind attacks on artistic freedom in Russia in 2016. While Russia has moved from the third country with the …

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Russia: Artistic freedom threatened by nationalist and orthodox groups

6 January 2017

While Russian president Vladimir Putin vowed in a meeting with film directors and artists in early December 2016 to protect artistic freedom, he also said artists carry a responsibility not to offend religious believers, saying “there is a very narrow divide between dangerous shock value and freedom of creativity”, reported …

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Norway/Russia: Musician cuts song from concert due to Russian pressure

17 November 2016

The Russian Consulate General in Kirkenes, a town in north-eastern Norway near the Russian border, has interfered with a literature festival in the area by voicing its concern over a sold-out concert to be held on 17 November 2016 by Norwegian folk musician Moddi and Russian Arkhangelsk Chamber Orchestra, reported …

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Ukraine: Lawmakers vote against bill banning Russian artists

11 October 2016

Lawmakers in Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, voted against a bill that would have restricted all Russian artists who wanted to tour in the country, and would only have been allowed to do so if they submitted a written condemnation of “the occupation of Ukrianian territory” to promoters, reported Billboard …

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Russia: Theatres in an age of government intimidation

29 September 2016

This article on the increasingly difficult environment theatres face for the content they stage from various Russian government bodies was originally published on 18 August 2015 by The Theatre Times, who have kindly allowed Freemuse to re-publish it here: Intimidation Tactics Caitlin Connell and Patrick Connelly have spent the summer in …

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Russia: Music video censored for having same-sex kiss

22 June 2016

A video by the British electronic band Years and Years for its single ‘Desire’ has been censored in Russia by blurring out a scene wherein the lead singer kisses another man, reported British magazine Digital Spy on 11 June 2016. Russia has been making headlines over its laws on homosexuality, …

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Russia: Ministry censors theatre company’s festival performances

20 June 2016

Government authorities have banned Russian independent theatre company Teatr.doc’s production of the play ‘Pushkin and Money’, scedduled to be part of a theatre festival on 12 June 2016 at the Moscow Hermitage Garden, reported The Calvert Journal on 13 June 2016. In a Deutsche Welle interview with the play’s director Anastasia Patlay, …

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Russia: Performance artist Pavlensky released with fine

9 June 2016

The ‘art or arson’ court case against Pyotr Pavlensky for setting fire to the door of the Federal Security Service – the KGB successor – has finally come to a verdict at a Moscow court on 8 June 2016. Surprisingly Pavlensky was released, though he was at the same time sentenced …

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Russia: Artist convicted to 16 months in prison for vandalism

30 May 2016

A Moscow court found Russian dissident artist Pyotr Pavlensky guilty of vandalism, Dimitri Kozlov of the Associated Press reported on 19 May 2016. The artist was convicted for setting fire to car tires on Saint Petersburg’s Tripartite Bridge during a pro-Ukraine performance, titled ‘Freedom’, in February 2014. While the court …

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INSIGHT publication: Targeting the Arts 2015

18 May 2016

» Read on Targeting the Arts Documenting incidents of censorship has never been enough. From the very beginning Freemuse has attempted to put censorship of music and arts into a larger context. In 2015 we introduced INSIGHT – a series of articles providing readers with analytical stories on censorship of …

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