Beats of Freedom

19 December 2016

      Beats of Freedom   Award-winning Polish documentary on rock music behind the Iron Curtain, and the story of how Polish rock’n’roll helped bring down the communist regime. Included are extraordinary secret police reports on hippies and punks. Directed by Leszek Gnoinski and Wojciech Slota Language: Mainly English. 73 …

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Poland: Controversies over theatre plays

15 January 2016

Censorship of play by Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek calls attention to the precariousness of state funded art in Poland By Anna Gotowska Less than a month after winning the November 2015 elections in Poland, the conservative Law and Justice party gained international attention for its controversial internal politics. One …

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Poland: Culture minister wants to ban Nobel winner’s play

1 December 2015

Poland’s new culture minister, Piotr Gliński, wants to ban a production by one of the country’s leading theatre companies of a play by the Nobel prize-winning author Elfriede Jelinek, claiming public money must not be used to subsidise “pornography”. The move by Gliński, who is also deputy prime minister in …

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Poland: Dissident theatre director fired by city mayor

19 August 2014

Ewa Wojciak, director of Poland’s Theatre of the Eighth Day, was fired by Poznan mayor Ryszard Grobelny on 28 July 2014. His administration oversees culture and arts in the city, including Wojciak’s subversive and anti-establishment theatre group. The official reason given was that she did not ask for permission to leave …

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