Beats of Freedom

19 December 2016

      Beats of Freedom   Award-winning Polish documentary on rock music behind the Iron Curtain, and the story of how Polish rock’n’roll helped bring down the communist regime. Included are extraordinary secret police reports on hippies and punks. Directed by Leszek Gnoinski and Wojciech Slota Language: Mainly English. 73 …

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Poland: Two hours of Music Freedom Night on Polskie Radio 2

28 February 2013

From Poland, radio presenter Wlodzimierz Kleszcz, Polskie Radio 2 & 1, sent this message: “I’m going to join to your idea, Music Freedom Day, and I’m making my own author’s show ‘Kleszczowisko’ at Polskie Radio 2 – national network (and I started it since 1983) – on 3rd March 2013. Time: 0.00–2.00. …

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Music Freedom Day in Gdansk, Poland on 2 March 2010

24 February 2010

Photos and story from the event On 2 March 2010 at 6 PM the debate ‘Music freedom and freedom in music’ will take place in the Cultural Centre in Gdańsk-Morena. Musicians Jacek Staniszewski and Grzegorz Welizarowicz will participate in the debate sharing their experience. Indeks 73 activists Lidia Makowska & Agnieszka …

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