…-1699 Europe, Russia

1 January 2001

375 B.C.   Greece The first significant written account of a proposal to censor music is found in Plato’s ‘Republic’, written in roughly 375 B.C. In one of the most famous passages of ancient literature to deal with music, we find Socrates, Plato’s mentor and mouthpiece, engaged in a dialogue …

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Turkey: Ferhat Tunc

2 June 2000

The Kurdish-Turkish singer Ferhat Tunç was born in 1964 in Turkey’s most eastern region, Dersim. His songs in Kurdish language have been censored in Turkey, and he has been taken to court numerous times, which is documented in the more than 65 news stories and interviews listed below:   Turkey: …

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Paul McCartney

2 January 2000

PAUL MCCARTNEY Russian politicians: no McCartney in Red Square A large group of Russian MPs is trying to ban a concert by Paul McCartney in Red Square 23 May 2003   Israel: British musician defied death threats by militants Paul McCartney defied death threats by religious militants in the Middle …

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