Norway: Video interview with Mari Boine

31 March 2008

Norwegian and Sámi singer Mari Boine speaks about her personal experiences with the religious ban of joik singing. The interview was recorded when Mari Boine participated in an event in Norway to mark the annual Music Freedom Day in March 2008.   Mari Boine grew up in an environment where …

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Music Freedom Day 2008 – index

3 March 2008

 See the Music Freedom Day concert at Oslo’s Nobel Peace Center: What happened on Music Freedom Day in 2008?3 March 2008 was observed as a global ‘Music Freedom Day’. Seminars and concerts were held in Norway, Afghanistan and Congo-Brazzaville. The concert in Oslo was broadcasted on national radio in …

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Norway: Singer’s brother under police protection

15 January 2008

Dancer Adil Thathaal received death threats from religious people with Pakistani background because he defended his sister, the singer Deeyah, in a recent magazine interview. 24-year-old Adil Thathaal is an actor and breakdancer, a well-known face in Norway, ever since he won a dance competition on a tv show called …

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Norway: Exhibition about freedom of expression

19 September 2007

On 25 September 2007, the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo opens the exhibition ‘Freedom of Expression – How Free is Free?’. Freemuse has assisted with material and information about musicians who are portrayed in the exhibition. The Norwegian Nobel Peace Center introduces its audience to persons who have pushed the …

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Norway: Musicians persecuted in the name of God

5 March 2007

In a chronicle in the leading Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, the priest Carl Petter Opsahl from Oslo, lists about a number of cases where musicians have been censored and persecuted on religious grounds It is an unacceptable limitation on freedom of expression when religious leaders – regardless whether it be mullahs …

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