Norge: Harstad er verdens første friby for musikere

14 February 2013

  I dag, den 14. februar, præsenter Norsk Musiker Forbund deres nye projekt SafeMUSE og verdens første friby for musikere, Harstad. Det sker på den nordiske musikindustris konference by:Larm i Oslo.   Siden ideen om tilflugtssteder eller “sikre byer” for forfulgte forfattere blev populær i 1990erne, er dette blevet en …

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Norway/UK: “My first love was always music”

14 December 2012

  In the session ‘STOP THIS FILTH: ARTISTS UNDER THREATS’, ex-singer Deeyah and actor Arshad Hussain testifies about serious threaths and an actual abduction, a reality faced by some performing artists due to social and cultural pressures in Afghanistan as well as Norway.  Arshad Hussain is the man behind several initiatives …

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Norway: Deeyah awarded by Norwegian PEN

14 November 2012

  Norwegian-Pakistani singer, music producer, composer, film maker and human rights activist Deeyah is awarded this year’s Ossietzky prize by Norwegian PEN, the Norwegian chapter of PEN International. The Ossietzky prize is Norwegian PEN’s prize for outstanding achievements within the field of freedom of expression and is awarded annually on …

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Norway: Rap duo threatened with violence

14 November 2011

  The rap duo Prayaz from Holmlia in the Norwegian capital Oslo sing about violence against women, and they are themselves threatened with violence because of that, reported the Norwegian public service broadcaster NRK. “What really struck us was the message that we should remember what happened to Benjamin,” the …

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Norway: Festival celebrates musicians who refuse to be silenced

16 June 2010

With the theme ‘Freedom and oppression’, the 21st edition of the Førde Folk Music Festival in Norway focuses on musicians’ struggle for human rights, and cultures that struggle for their survival. Opening on 8 July 2010, the festival features several prominent artists who have faced censorship, but continue to “make …

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Finland/Sweden/Norway: The destruction of a minority’s music culture

21 April 2008

As a comment to Freemuse’s interview with Sámi singer Marie Boine, ‘This music was from the devil’, the Finnish ethnomusicologist and musician Ilpo Saastamoinen shares his insight and personal experiences with the oppression and destruction of Sámi music culture. By Ilpo Saastamoinen In her interview, Marie Boine tells the truth. …

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