Germany: Row over caricature of Jesus in art exhibition

29 August 2012

At the exhibition ‘Caricatura VI – The Comic Art – analog, digital, international’ in Kassel in Germany, a cartoon created by cartoonist Mario Lars has been removed after protests that it hurt people’s religious feelings The drawing depicts Jesus suffering on the cross and a speech bubble, which apparently contains …

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German exhibition Documenta accused of censoring art

14 June 2012

The German artist Gregor Schneider says that the organisers of the exhibition Documenta 13 have “censored” a work he planned to install in the Karlskirche church in Kassel, home of the quinquennial exhibition until 16 September 2012. Gregor Schneider says that his art piece ‘It’s all Rheydt Kolkata, Kassel 2012’, …

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Death threat against Germany-based Iranian rapper

14 May 2012

After the exiled Iranian rapper and rock guitarist Shahin Najafi released a controversial song entitled ‘Imam Naghi’, an Iranian cleric issued a death sentence (fatwa) against him, a news site in the country started a campaign calling for his assassination, and a religious site issued a reward for killing the …

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Germany: Artist banned from strangling puppies

3 May 2012

Authorities in Berlin intervened when a German artist planned to strangle two puppies to death on stage in a Berlin theatre. The unknown artist was allegedly told that highlighting the plight of sled dogs in Alaska is not a good enough reason to kill the dogs. The performance, entitled ‘Death …

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Germany: Norwegian band censored by German publisher

3 October 2011

  When the Norwegian band Honningbarna wanted to release their debut album in Germany they were told by their publisher to leave the song ‘Free Palestine’ out. German fans of Honningbarna will have one song less than the Norwegian fans when the album ‘La alarmane g Source – 28 …

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Germany: Kurdish concerts banned by authorities in Berlin

5 January 2011

In Berlin, a concert with the Kurdish artists Hozan Aydın and Şerîbana Kurdî, scheduled to take place on 19 December 2010, was prohibited in court because it was found to be celebrating the foundation of the banned militant Kurdish organisation PKK. The artists, the organiser Medya Deniz, as well as …

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Germany: Expelled from teachers collage for playing death metal

10 May 2010

Thomas Gurrath is a member of the Stuttgart-based death metal band Debauchery. Until 28 March 2010 he was training to become a grammar school teacher in the German state Baden-Württemberg. But when his supervisors found out about his musical activities with Debauchery, he was given the choice of either abandoning …

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Germany: 11 Jamaican ‘hate music’ albums blacklisted

20 April 2010

An official authority has blacklisted 11 dancehall albums in the period between 2008 and January 2010 due to violent and homophobic content, reported Steven Jackson of Jamiaca Observer. The artists whose work has been blacklisted in Germany, Europe’s largest economy, include Sizzla, Elephant Man, Bounty Killer, Capleton, TOK and Baby …

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Germany: Network to study law, culture and censorship

26 August 2009

Universities are increasingly taking an interest in issues of freedom of expression for artists. In August 2009, an international graduate network in the interdisciplinary study of law and culture was launched in Germany On 11 August 2009, Freemuse was invited to share a panel on freedom of expression in Osnabrück, …

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