France: Musician attacked by airport police

23 October 2006

Tighter anti-terror security causes problems for touring musicians because their expensive musical instruments are not always allowed on the plane as carry-on baggage. In Paris, a musician had his arm broken by violent airport police officers because he insisted on taking his instrument case onboard, reports On 9 September …

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Lebanon/France: Clotaire K

31 August 2006

Clotaire K was born in France by a Lebanese mother and an Egyptian father. He writes, arranges and records music, and in this interview, recorded while he visited Denmark to perform during the Images of the Middle East festival in 2006, he speaks about how he perceives music as a …

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Algeria/France: Rai outlaw dies

18 May 2006

The Algerian legendary raï music star, Cheikha Rimitti, passed away on May 15 in Paris, 83 years old Cheikha Rimitti has a 60-year track record in Algeria as an outlaw for singing songs openly encouraging women to have and enjoy sex, with lyrics so plain-talk frank they’d still send the …

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France: New onslaught against French rappers

12 December 2005

The French government has reacted to the rioting in France’s poorest neighbourhoods by measures that include a clampdown on French rappers. An attitude that harbours on state censorship of one of the few outlets for the youth to articulate their realities, writes Daniel Brown in his Mondomix editorial of December …

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France: Rappers blamed for stoking violence

2 December 2005

A conservative lawmaker in France has asked the French government to take legal action against music groups he blames for stoking the riots that engulfed depressed suburbs After the weeks of riots that engulfed depressed suburbs around Paris, starting on 27 October 2005 after an accident where two teenagers died …

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France: Jamaican reggae star’s concerts cancelled

9 June 2005

  Reggae singer Capleton’s allegedly homophobic lyrics has prompted protests by the gay rights group Coordination InterPride France, calling to ban his concerts. So far, six French music venues have axed scheduled performances in response, reports BBC World. Jamaican reggae star Capleton (real name: Clifton George) is a controversial entertainer …

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French minister warns ‘hate’ rap bands over lyrics

5 November 2003

French minister warned “hate lyric” French rap groups they faced legal action if they performed in public material that was racist or anti-Semitic. The band Sniper has outraged deputies in the governing UMP party with “La France,” which taps the deep sense of alienation of disaffected French youths. Story from …

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Zaïre/France: Ray Lema

27 May 2003

Ray Lema is a musician and composer and a member of the Freemuse Advisory Board. Interviewed by Freemuse’s Barbro Schultz in Paris in April 2003, at the launch of the Freemuse report “Which Way Nigeria?” Click below for Ray Lema’s opinion on freedom and responsibiliy in the world of music.   …

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France/Algeria: Mehdi Haddab

25 November 2002

Mehdi Haddab, musician (France/Algeria). Interviewed at WOMEX 2002, October ’02 by Jim Q. Holm (Freemuse)   Mehdi Haddab, what can you tell us about music censorship? Watch interview      

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