France: Threats, campaigns and media rage against heavy metal festival

9 June 2010

On 18-20 June, Clisson in France hosts one of the most ecclectic metal festival in the world, Hellfest. In May 2010, the festival organizers received threats from religious groups, and according to the organizers, the media attention which followed has doubled their ticket sales.   In France, a media firestorm …

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Cameroon / France: Free-for-download album in support of Lapiro de Mbanga

6 January 2010

Mondomix has launched a free-for-download album in support of the imprisoned cameroonian singer Lapiro de Mbanga. “This album compilation is no ordinary compilation,” writes Mondomix, a French online resource for worldwide music and culture. The album was produced by artists who want to inform about what is happening to Lapiro …

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France: Censorship row over festival’s ban on rapper

20 July 2009

27-year-old rapper Orelsan was removed from the programme of a major French music festival in the last minute — and then quickly became the centre of a national debate over censorship. Should rappers be able to sing whatever they like in the name of art? Should politicians be able to …

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Fornyet debat om hvor gr

14 July 2009

UPDATE TV-indslag: Rapper forklarer sig  20. juli 2009 kl 16:41 | Af Lars Ohlsen Debatten om en rap-tekst, som Morten Messerschmidt har f  Facebook Cartago Jones beskyldt for d Kilder 8210 Rap Dance Centers officielle hjemmeside: Politiken – 16. juli 2009: ‘Rapl  

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France: Rap musician acquitted of ‘defamation’ charges

25 September 2008

On 23 September 2008, Mohamed Bourokba, known as Hamé, was acquitted. The verdict brings to an end one of France’s most protracted and symbolic libel cases which during the last six years has locked one of France’s leading underground rap groups, La Rumeur, in a legal battle against current French …

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France: Rap musician under legal fire for ‘defamation’

26 June 2008

For the last six years one of France’s leading underground rap groups, La Rumeur, has been locked in a legal battle against current French President Nicolas Sarkozy. On 3 June 2008, the fourth trial took place, pitting one of the band members, Hamé, against the Ministry of the Interior. RFI …

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Freemuse Award 2008 – en Francais

18 March 2008

Freemuse a reçu une donation du Björn Afzelius fondation international de la culture. Cette donation forme Freemuse Award, un prix pour récompenser des artistes, des individus ou bien des organisations qui ont “travaillé pour la liberté d’expression musicale d’une manière extraordinaire”. Freemuse Award va être présenté pour la première fois …

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Lebanon / France: Marcel Khalife

11 April 2007

Video statement: ‘Majnoon Layla’ In this statement Marcel Khalife speaks (in Arabic language) about why artists must engage in the defence of creativity. See the video.         See the video       Interview: ‘The quest for freedom’ Video interview and music performance by Marcel Khalife recorded at the Freemuse …

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