Denmark/Sweden/Germany: In court for selling Nazi music

18 November 2008

Two men were arrested in Denmark on 27 August 2008 for allegedly financing, commissioning and distributing recordings that have been deemed illegal because of their extremist content. The Danish Ministry of Justice said that one of the men is German and one is Danish.       Sources – …

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Pakistan / Denmark: Pervaiz Akhtar

29 October 2008

Pakistani musician Pervaiz Akhtar, today based in Denmark, explains (in Danish language) about his personal experiences with music censorship in Pakistan.   The interview was held in connection with a ‘Concert against music censorship’ which was organised by the Danish Refugee Council in Copenhagen on 24 October 2008. After the …

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Denmark: Activist campaigns against online sales of ‘murder music’

22 May 2008

Online music stores that sell so-called ‘murder music’ receive complaints from Danish gay rights activist. Founder of the radio station Pride Radio Denmark, Martin Adelskov, has complained to and after coming across the hate-filled content by unsigned artist Jomo Minott on their webservers, reported on 21 May …

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Germany/Denmark: Controversy around erotic drawing on vinyl cover

18 March 2008

The Danish psychedelic garage rock band Baby Woodrose recently experienced trouble in connection with the re-issuing of Blows Your Mind, their debut album originally released in 2001. The LP cover consists of artwork by Malleus – a drawing picturing a naked woman lying in water with a close view of …

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Denmark: Exiled Kurdish singer awarded

5 December 2007

On 29 November 2007 the Danish Refugee Council awarded Mizgin, a Kurdish refugee musician based in Denmark, with an ‘Artist Award’ and 5,000 US dollars. Mizgin said she would be happy to receive the award “on behalf of the Kurdish musicians who have lost their lives in the struggle for …

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Denmark: Reggae concert under close surveillance

23 May 2007

200 activitsts demonstrated against the performance of Jamaican rapper and DJ Elephant Man in Copenhagen on 21 May 2007 because he has incited to violence against homosexuals in his songs “Battyman fi dead! [Queers must be killed] Please mark we word [Please mark my words] Gimme tha tech-nine [Give me …

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Marcel Khalife’s video statement – مارسـيل خليفة يَتحدَّث

11 April 2007

مارسـيل خليفة يَتحدَّث عن مَجنون ليلى In this statement the Lebanese singer and composer Marcel Khalife speaks (in Arabic language) about why artists must engage in the defence of creativity. See translation below. Duration: 4:32 minutes. The video was recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Mik Aidt on 11 April 2007. …

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Denmark: Focus on arguments against religious music prohibition

15 February 2007

Two national tv stations and several newspapers interviewed the Pakistani rock musician Salman Ahmad about his viewpoints on music prohibition in Islam   Salman Ahmad was visiting the Danish capital Copenhagen to present the documentary film, ‘The Rock Star and the Mullahs’. After screening the film, Salman Ahmad answered questions …

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Three films about music and Islam hit Scandinavia

24 January 2007

Sweden and Denmark: Three films about music and Islam hit ScandinaviaPakistani rock star and filmmaker Salman Ahmad, and editor of the UK world music magazine Songlines Simon Broughton will make a quick visit to Denmark and Sweden in February to show three documentari films highlighting essential discussions concerning music and Islam. …

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