Danmark / Tyrkiet: Savage Rose-forsanger skriver st

17 May 2011

“Jeg er rystet over, hvad der sker i Tyrkiet. Jeg ser mine venner og musikvenner blive anholdt i en verden, hvor musikken skulle spille og sangene flyve.” Artikler Nû – 16 May 2011: ‘Savage Rose har skrevet et brev til N  

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Denmark: Writer’s safe cities should also be for musicians

18 November 2010

The proposal by Freemuse to include musicians in the Safe Cities programme finds backing in the Danish parliament. The opposition wants this corrected by a revision of the law, but the government does not agree. The two opposition parties, the Socialdemocrats and SF, believe that legislation should be amended so …

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Cameroon/Denmark: Danish minister drawn into Lapiro de Mbanga’s case

22 June 2010

Danish opposition parties demands investigation of financial support to co-owned Maersk company which has been accused of inhuman working conditions and co-responsibility for the imprisonment of popular singer Lapiro de Mbanga Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Søren Pind has been asked to report to the Danish Parliament on the loans …

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Press release: Roskilde Festival donates large sum to Freemuse

1 March 2010

Roskilde Festival Charity Society donates DKK 500,000 (approximately € 67,115) to Freemuse for its work for musicians’ rights and against music censorship. Freemuse is the only organisation in the world that works internationally with documentation and information about attacks on musicians and composers’ freedom and right to express themselves. “To …

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Freemuse: Meet Freemuse at WOMEX – the annual World Music Expo

26 October 2009

On 29 October 2009, Freemuse organises a network-meeting at Womex — the world’s largest trade fair and expo for world music. The meeting includes presentations of three important initiatives which are related to freedom of musical expression The organisers of Womex — which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 28 …

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Denmark/ Jamaica: Controversy over Jamaican reggae star’s concert

21 October 2009

Prior to his concert in Copenhagen on 19 October 2009 reggae star Sizzla was quoted in a Danish newspaper interview as confirming his anti-homosexual viewpoints. Because of this the local music venue where the concert was about to take place threatened to cancel it, and in the medai, several city …

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Denmark/Jamaica: University thesis on dancehall reggae and homophobia

20 May 2009

 Johannes Frandsen Skjelbo, a student of University of Copenhagen, has written an analysis of Jamaican music culture in a postcolonial context, with a view to the Danish reception of Jamaican music. It was published in Danish language in March 2009. The thesis seeks to investigate the relations between dancehall music, …

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