Persecuted Iraqi writer given two years’ safe haven in Denmark

12 November 2012

The Iraqi writer Suhail Sami Nader arrived with his wife to Copenhagen, Denmark, on 23 October 2012 as the municipality’s first ‘safe haven’ author. The 65-year-old writer is persecuted in his home country because of his writing. In recent years Suhail Sami Nader has been living in Amman, the capital …

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Danish libraries participate in Music Freedom Day 2013

2 July 2012

In the school year 2012-2013, a school class will be able to win the role as Editor-in-Chief of in connection with the annual Music Freedom Day on 3 March 2013 is the Danish libraries’ digital music service. The site contains a huge amount of world music and non-western …

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Party-organiser removes painting of woman in niqab

9 May 2012

An oil painting of a stripper in a cocktail glass wearing the Muslim headdress niqab was to supposed to be an eye catcher for the music event ‘Haram!’ in Odense, Denmark. Instead it provoked a fierce debate, and after threats of a fatwa, the organiser, Amin Safari, has removed the …

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København, Danmark: Cinemateket: SPEAK UP! Film om censur og ytringsfrihed

18 November 2011

  Den 9.-11. december danner København ramme for Artsfex, et globalt netværksmøde om kunstnerisk ytringsfrihed, arrangeret af Freemuse og Dansk PEN. Repræsentanter for mere end 1.200 internationale organisationer forventes at deltage, og øverst på dagsordenen står diskussioner om, hvor og hvordan kunstens stemmer bliver stækket verden over. Cinemateket benytter lejligheden …

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Denmark: Meeting about global network for artistic freedom of expression

29 June 2011

  Artistic freedom must be protected. In collaboration with Danish Pen, Freemuse is in the process of inviting key international artists’ organisations to Copenhagen with the aim of creating a global network for the protection of artistic freedom of expression. “We are organizing a meeting in Copenhagen which we hope …

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