Czech Republic: Exhibition highlights music censorship

7 July 2014

Music and politics are in the focus of a new exhibition produced by the National Museum in Praha. A large part of the exhibition deals with repression against music and use of music for policial ends in the socialist Czech Republic before the democratic elections, but the exhibition is even …

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Czech Republic: Bizarre attack on Scottish rock band Primal Scream

25 March 2009

In a bizarre and surrealistic media storm in the Czech Republic, the Scottish rock band Primal Scream has been accused for ‘promoting fascism’ by the Czech Radio Council. The council has banned the song ‘Swastika Eyes’.          Primal Scream According to an article written by Peter G Holland and published …

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Czech / UK: Theatre play inspired by censored rock band

8 June 2006

‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is a new play partly based on the story about the rock band The Plastic People of the Universe from Prague. It brings the story of their incredible struggle against the Czech authorities back to attention. The play had its world premiere and began playing at the …

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Czech Republic: Bishop wants to ban secular music from churches

6 April 2006

Based on the Vatican’s directive on church music issued in 1987 which stipulates that churches should “only be open to religious music”, a Czech bishop intends to ban the Gustav Mahler’s music, writes the Prague Daily Monitor Austrian composer and conductor Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) is often described as one of …

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Governments against dance music

14 October 2005

With legislation and brutal police raids, governments worldwide attempt to stop young people from making open air dance parties. Official motivations for the crack-down are drugs and noise disturbances; but the organisers experience it as an attack on dance-music culture and governmental abuse of the rights of music fans According …

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1950-2000 Europe, Russia

1 January 2001

1967. United Kingdom. Scott Walker Scott Walker’s cover of Jacques Brel’s song ‘Jacky’ is the first record to be banned by BBC Radio 1. 1967. Greece. Mikis Theodorakis The 1967 military coup in Greece led to the imprisonment and torture of internationally known singer Mikis Theodorakis. Eventually he was released …

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